DIY Chloe sweater

diy chloe fall 2012 turtleneck

That incredibly great Chloé sweater from the Fall 2012 collection can now be yours — for just $1560 at Net-A-Porter. Of course, if you had the good sense to become a knitter, you can make your own version for a fraction of the price.

Start with a chunky turtleneck pattern, such as Forester, by Michele Wang — knit a size with little to no ease, skip the waist shaping if there is any, and adjust the length to hit you mid-hip. Consult a stitch dictionary or favorite cable-sweater chart and incorporate the stitch pattern of your choosing between the neck and bust-line. (Or start with something like this cabled-yoke Norah Gaughan pattern, knitting full sleeves and again omitting the waist shaping, adjusting the calculations to a chunkier gauge.) Then hold multiple strands of yarn together throughout. The Chloe sweater is 4 strands: mint, baby blue, and pale pink, plus a cobweb mohair in what looks like a golden yellow? For the lower extremes of the body and arms, it’s three strands of just the pink. Forester is designed to be knit with two strands of worsted-weight yarn, so you could simply pick two and then switch to one for the solid sections. Or choose a fingering or lace-weight yarn that would give you the correct gauge when held together as more than two strands. Or, of course, stick to one color. Here’s an all gray, raglan, upper-cables-only turtleneck to die for. (No idea whose work it is.*)

Bonus: Your version needn’t be 10% polyester.


*Update 11.12.12: Found it — Sunghee Bang FW2012

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