New Favorites: the City Cape

New Favorites: the City Cape

Two years and two days ago, I wrote about a little capelet obsession I was having. I’m still not over it, and the one I mentioned casting on in that post is still on the needles, but the thing weighs a ton! I’ve never finished it because it was impossible to imagine ever being able to wear it in California. But now? Who knows. I was actually thinking about it as I roamed around the Nashville Flea Market this weekend, in search of some furniture for our empty rooms. It’s nowhere near cold enough to need such a thing here — yet! — but I was imagining being at the flea in cooler months and how nice a capelet like that would be. Then Sunday evening, this City Cape showed up in the Purl Soho newsletter, and it’s easily the best knitted cape pattern I’ve seen in three years of looking. The beautiful but neutral texture, that chic front slit, the big ribbed armholes for when you need them — it’s pretty much perfect. Not to mention free on the Purl Bee.

[UPDATE: Now listed on Ravelry]


PREVIOUSLY in New Favorites: Simple scarves

Faith in progress

I’m still working on those aforementioned blog changes, which may have to roll out in phases, so please bear with me. Also still working on this capelet, which I’m a little torn about. If you saw the comment on my previous post, you know I had to go the two-tone route. I like the chocolate and charcoal together (the latter is the more economical Cascade Magnum) and am happy with the effect of the k1/p1 row at the color change. But it’s looking a bit masculine at the moment, even for my tomboy self. But I still think I’ll love it when all is said and done.


Two of my favorite compound adjectives

brown back bay poncho capelet in progress

Two of my favorite compound adjectives: top-down and super-bulky. A garment takes shape so quickly it almost feels like cheating.

This thing is going to be luscious — assuming I can track down enough yarn. I idly thought the four skeins of Blue Sky Bulky I had on hand would be enough, forgetting they’re only 45 yards each. Oops.


Evolution of a capelet obsession

back bay poncho by leslie scanlon

It’s hovering near 90 degrees here these days (that’s Fall by the bay); my schedule and to-do list are all out of whack; and I’ve been battling a case of cast-on-itis. So what am I planning to do today, as soon as I get a chance? Cast on a super-bulky turtleneck capelet, of course!

This has been on my mind since that roundup I did back in March. I’ve been stockpiling inspiration photos and perusing various patterns — ranging from cowls voluminous enough to tug down around your shoulders to things that border on poncho territory — trying to decide exactly what I want. (The problem, of course, being that I want them all.)

If I could magically own any capelet I’d seen in a photo, I would have the one below, which is a Cos beauty worn and photographed by a French blogger called Punky B:

punky b cos poncho cape

(And maybe also the one on the bottom right from the previous set.) I’ve found patterns for similar things, but nothing knit sideways like that. And I don’t have the patience to work out the shaping for it on my own.

I’ve thought about modifying this Bergere Poncho pattern:

bergere poncho
I’d give it a regular turtleneck. Skip the wristholes and cuffs, for sure. Maybe give it a cleaner hem of some sort. And possibly leave out the stockinette triangles — just stick to purling between the cables. Would I love it then? Maybe.

But then I also like this really simple little Noelle Capelet by Martin Storey for Rowan:

noelle capelet by martin storey rowan

So I’ve decided for now I’m making a version of that one at the top of this post, which comes from a Mac & Me pattern, the Back Bay Poncho. I downloaded the pattern last night because I like that slight shirttail-shaped hemline and wanted to see how the short-rows were done. So that will probably be my jumping-off point. I’ll change the neck and “sleeve” proportions a little, do a different increase for the raglans (the YO holes are not my favorite) and probably make it a little longer. Or shorter? We’ll see.


New favorites: Capelets

knitted capelets

These are a few of the pieces inspiring the project I began over the weekend. The top right is from the Morrison Winter 2009 collection, as seen here. The rest came from Pinterest where they’d been stripped of their original source, which is so heartbreaking and frustrating. I’d love to attribute them to their makers, and to know more about the garment shown in each image, so if you happen to know where any of them came from, please let me know!