New favorites: House socks

house socks knitting patterns

It’ll be awhile before it’s cool enough here to wear big bulky sweaters — September and October being our warmest months. But it’s definitely cool enough in the evenings for me to be craving a nice cozy pair of knitted house socks to wear while lounging (read: knitting) on the couch. Any of these would do —

Clockwise from top left:

1. Lion Brand’s ultra-cozy Cottage Slipper Socks, free pattern. (The pair pictured were knitted and beautifully photographed by Colleen Diamond)

2. Rowan’s simple and slubby House Socks, pattern designed by Martin Storey and published in Winter Warmers.

3. Incredible aran-cabled beauties, which seem to have once been for sale at Toast. Please let me know if you know of a similar pattern!

4. Canadian Living’s ribbed Weekend Socks, free pattern


19 thoughts on “New favorites: House socks

  1. I NEED THESE!! Oh boy, now I have to try socks? Okay….since the wristers went so well (thankfully!!!!!), I’m game. Thank you SO much for these links Karen, I really do need these right now!

      • I’m working on those today…..I did the long wristers first. I even bought the yarn for the Antler Hat you posted the other day. Now that I know knitting with DPNs really isn’t a big deal, I have all kinds of things in mind. ESPECIALLY these house socks. It is a happy knitting house right now, thanks to you and the inspiration.

        Haven’t done a post on them yet. I decided to split up my blog into 2 blogs, 1 food, 1 knitting. I’m knitting more than cooking these days and REALLY wanted to have a place just for that. Thank you for following my new food blog (I appreciate it!)…buuut… I’m going to set up a knitting blog which I’m sure you’ll like a lot more. I’ll come back and give you the address when I get it set up, ok?

        Thanks for everything Karen! I KNOW I wouldn’t have taken on the DPN knitting without your encouragement. I’m a big chicken, lol.

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    I keep forgetting not to open at 4:00pm on Friday. I could have left work a whole 2 hours ago if I hadn’t gotten engrossed! 50 minutes alone, spent looking for a cabled sock pattern to rival those Toast socks … Happy Weekend, friends!

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  4. Hi there! Just stumbled upon your blog and am deeply betrayed that no one has pointed me here before now. I intend to remedy this by sending everyone I can find tout de suite.

    Re: the socks from Toast, they remind me very much of an ancient Rowan pattern from…’07? maybe ’08? I will troll the Kniting Bookcase and see can I find the blasted book I can see in my mind’s eye. The name of it has fallen right out of my noggin.

    My own blog has been dormant for several years now, but I think maybe you have just given me mojo enough to start typing again. Thank you so much for that.

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