There’s a slight chance I may have cast on another sweater …

black akapana sweater

Twice, actually. Friday night I carelessly cast on for this Close Cables Sweater, in a moment of desperation to be knitting a very quick sweater in the round. (Antidote to the beloved but slow-going Walpole.) It’s bottom-up; there’s an error in the pattern’s cable count; and I say “carelessly” because I was totally winging it on gauge. So thanks to me and the pattern author, by Saturday midday I had six inches of a too-small sweater with several of the cables twisting the wrong direction.

Reader, I frogged it.

Sunday morning, I did a proper swatch, considered my options, and decided to do a good ol’ Barbara Walker top-down boatneck — being jealous of the one I’m currently helping a friend with. And so I cast on again. The yarn is that questionable tweed I got on the sidewalk sale awhile back. I’m holding it double for bulk and to try to neutralize the thick-and-thinness of it a little bit, but I’m still not convinced it will knit up into a fabric I like and want to wear. I’ll know more in a few inches. Meanwhile, I’m trying to not let my self-loathing over the whole misadventure taint my opinion of the WIP.


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  1. 2 sweaters at once?! Good luck! I’ve been eyeing the close cable sweater pattern for a while but didn’t realise that it had some mistakes in it. What’s wrong with the cable count?

    Anyway, looking forward to seeing your completed sweaters!

    • Three, I’m afraid. But I think one of them is not meant to be.

      Looks like they’ve edited the problematic line in the pattern on the website. In the copy I was working from, it says “Repeat cable, twisted right 2 (3) times.

” Then same for the left-twisted cables; then do both sets again for the back. Which assumes you’ve got 12 (16) cables instead of 8 (12). If I hadn’t been rushing, I would have caught it before knitting it. It now says “Repeat cable, twisted right 2 times in total,
” which is still confusingly stated. (I love them, but you do have to allow for their English.) You don’t repeat it 2 times if you’re doing the S/M; you do want a total of 2. So it should really say “Repeat cable, twisted right, for a total of 2 (3).” Then 2 left, then 2 more right, and 2 more left, for a grand total of 8.

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