Unspun and undyed

unspun icelandic and herriot undyed wool yarn

You know how I’m always saying I’m not a color person? (Despite a concerted effort over the past year.) It’s not so much that I don’t like color on me or around me, it’s that I tend to prefer things that are the way nature made them, which is obviously just a different kind of color palette. So pretty much the only “color” in my wardrobe is denim, and the colors in our loft are those of jute, walnut, plywood, rust (literally), iron, plants and whatnot. And so it is with wool. For months, I’ve been smitten with all the beautiful dyed yarns in the world, especially the colors you get from natural dyes — indigo and madder and so on. But lately I’m all about underprocessed and undyed wools. Stuff that’s pretty much fresh off the sheep.

I still haven’t seen that Metalico in person, but add to the list these two things I must get ahold of and knit with:

Un-Spun Icelandic: The legendary unspun wool sold by Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Schoolhouse Press, in both natural and dyed shades. Read the back story and review by Clara Parkes at Knitter’s Review this week — one of several mentions I’ve run across lately.

Herriot: The undyed new line from Juniper Moon Farm, to which Knit Purl devoted their entire last newsletter. See also the pattern collection released along with it.


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  1. Yes, I’m in the exact same boat as you when it comes to color. I try, I really do, but I never like the result as much as I would if the colors were more natural in form.

    Thank you for these links!

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