The ridiculously cute baby gift

knitted origami baby booties pattern

I stumbled across this schematic for these adorable origami baby booties recently and knew instantly that’s what I’d be knitting for my aforementioned friend Rachel, who is due at any moment. Of course, then I had to fashion a little hat to go with them. I gave them to her at lunch yesterday and she said the booties are going onto his little feet the moment the baby is born. It’s hard to imagine a person this tiny, so I sure hope they fit! (Or that if they don’t, they’re too large rather than too small.)

knitted baby hat with tassel

Here’s what I did —

Yarn is Malabrigo Arroyo (sport weight) in Prussia Blue, held double throughout. Gauge for the hat is 5 sts/inch in stockinette; finished circumference is 13 inches. The booties are 15g of yarn. An additional 31g for the hat.

BOOTIES: CO 7 stitches on US9 needle; knit 22 rows. At end of 22nd row, using backwards loop method, cast on an additional 10 stitches. Row 23, knit back across all stitches then cast on another 10 stitches — you now have a T shape. Knit until total of 32 rows. Bind off, leaving a long tail. The cast-on edge is the toe. Thread the tail through a tapestry needle; fold the wings of the T toward the toe, overlapping them one direction on one bootie and the opposite direction on the other. Seam along toe and both sides; weave in ends.

HAT: CO 66 stitches on US8 DPNs; join for working in the round. Alternate knit and purl rows to create one garter ridge, then switch to stockinette. Knit until 4 inches total. Next round, *k9, k2tog; repeat from * until end of round. Next round, *k8, k2tog; repeat. Continue decreasing at same rate, every round, until 3 stitches remain. Cut 24-inch tail, thread it through remaining 3 stitches and pull tight. Use tail to create tassel. (Tassel directions at Purl Bee.)


The tassel was a bit of serendipity. While I was in the middle of the hat, I got the email newsletter from the Purl Bee with two utterly perfect new (grown-up) hat patterns, dubbed the Thank You Hats, one of which had this adorable tassle on top. It was an Aha! moment, and the perfect finishing touch. Thank YOU, Purl Bee!


14 thoughts on “The ridiculously cute baby gift

  1. It’s a little more blue-black than it looks in these pics, but it’s superwash, a great color, and I figured a nice dark blue like that would likely pair well with a lot of the light blue stuff they’re bound to be given.

  2. How many stitches would I need to cast on for a 3 month old? His feet are a bit bigger.
    I also got really excited when I looked at the yarn you used, because I bought the same exact yarn the other day just because.

    • Hi, Stevie. I don’t feel qualified to advise you on that one, I’m very sorry to say. I haven’t heard whether these fit the newborn or not, and have no idea how big a 3-month-old’s feet are. Maybe someone else will see this and chime in!

  3. Just made a pair. They are also ridiculously easy and ridiculously quick to make! I can’t wait to give them to mum-to-be. Thank you so much.

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  5. This is the first project I’ve ever knitted and I have my tshape but I’m looking at sewing this all together and I just can’t make sense of it at all! Can someone help?

    Hoping I get these sorted before my son actually arrives!

  6. actually I have the same problem as Lucy and I stuck at sewing the bootie. Can you help

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