Projects for the Labor Day weekend

knitting weaving projects for labor day weekend

As much as I want to hunker down with my Walpole chunky and make some real progress over the long weekend, I have that recurring urge for a little instant-gratification project. Something fallish. Liiike … charming knitted acorns, in small or large sizes, to slip into the hands of assorted friends. A pair of slippers — maybe these, or these, or a new spin on these. Or perhaps a little branch weaving? We’ll see.

But please, if you care about me at all!, tell me what you’ll be working on this weekend.


8 thoughts on “Projects for the Labor Day weekend

  1. Still love those acorns!!! I MUST try to get some work done on the sleeves of that sweater I am making for my son! I want to finish that project!

  2. When you work at a college, the long Labor Day weekend vanishes! I’ll be working but still hope to squeeze in some knitting on my two pullovers whenever I can. I adore those acorns!

  3. My apologies to those who don’t have a long weekend ahead of them. But this is really how my brain works every single weekend, if I’m being honest. “What deliciously satisfying little thing might I start and finish this weekend … “

  4. Those acorns – so much cute! I probably won’t be working on anything crafty this weekend, I worked on Saturday and cleaned the house and today I want to go out on a “date” with my Mr. So, if I do end up doing something craft related, I will just sew in the ends of some gloves I have been working on and then start proof reading the pattern.

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