New favorites: Fresh hat patterns

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Knitting season is definitely upon us (is there an official season opener or anything?) and new patterns are releasing every other minute. Hats are such a fun, diverse, low-investment way to try out different stitch patterns and yarns that I’m thinking of doing nothing but hats for gifts this Christmas. Here are some brand new patterns that went instantly onto my favorites list:

Mimei designed by Kirsten Johnstone, with a double brim and optional ombré (which I would definitely do)

Rosa designed by Melissa LaBarre, with a swirling lace stitch pattern (also available at Ravelry)

Bristol designed by Amy Christoffers, with a nice, clean chevron stitch pattern that would work just as well for a guy

Antler designed by Alexa Ludeman, also suitable for man or woman (free pattern)


What are some of your new favorites?

4 thoughts on “New favorites: Fresh hat patterns

  1. You really want me to try hats don’t you :) These are ALL great! Thank you for finding them, Karen. I’m going to try yours first though ;)

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