My holiday quickie

70-yard mitts malabrigo twist

Despite working quite a bit this weekend (lots brewing around here), I did manage to squeeze in a quickie of a knitting project. To no one’s great surprise, it’s a pair of fingerless mitts! These are Hannah Fettig’s perfect little 70-Yard Mitts again, but this pair is for me — using the “Applewood” Malabrigo Twist left over from El Fringe. They came in mighty handy for our blustery Labor Day block party.


8 thoughts on “My holiday quickie

  1. Applewood!! One of my favorite Malabrigo colors! These are perfect Karen! I bought the yarn for my first pair of wristers this past weekend….yep, never tried them before either, haha. THESE look like the perfect size, and your knitting is just exquisite.

      • I have one, yes. But now I like this one to start with. It’s a great use for my Malabrigo stash :)

          • LOL! Me too!!

            Fingers crossed I can do it! I hope so, because I absolutely love these. I need several pair :)

          • You totally can. And I’m happy to help if you have any questions along the way.

            I also want to note for anyone reading this that I think of this as the gateway to sweater knitting. Just think about it: This is a tiny top-down turtleneck. (That happens to have only one arm.)

          • Ahhh, wow, I didn’t think of it like that, but it makes perfect sense. Now I NEED to master these :) I have 2 sweaters waiting.

            Thank you Karen, I may have to take you up on your offer to help. Finishing the Bosc scarf in leftover Malabrigo worsted today, then starting your wristers. Thanks again!

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