Found while surfing

found while walking weaving loom woven squares

I happened across this sweet blog, Found While Walking, where artist-florist-weaver Jaime Rugh posts photos of kids and excursions and found objects and food and flowers. Regularly interspersed are shots of these beautiful, multi-colored squares woven on an enticingly simple nails-in-a-picture-frame loom — a wabi-sabi relative (known as a Weavette?) of the plastic potholder looms of our collective childhood. And now I know how I’ll find my way into weaving.

See also: Angela Tong’s mini version


(Photos by Jamie Rugh)

8 thoughts on “Found while surfing

    • I’m determined to make one of these looms this weekend and start learning how to use it. I suppose I should put the sleeves on my sweater first, but …

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  2. I cannot figure out how to end off the piece so that once removed from the loom, it won’t unravel. Any thoughts?

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