New favorites: Micaela Greg colorwork scarves

These beautiesand really the whole Fall ’12 collection from Micaela Greg — make me want to learn how to do colorwork. But I’m so smitten I might have to fork over the funds for that “Big Square Poncho” scarf (right) in the meantime.


(via Refinery 29)

10 thoughts on “New favorites: Micaela Greg colorwork scarves

  1. Oh I love that poncho!!! I was putting this off, but it looks like I need to learn color work too. I love that poncho! Thank you for sharing Karen. Happy Thursday!

      • I agree. And I REALLY love your style Karen, I think you’re the first knitting blogger I can say that about. I have such a hard time finding things to knit that I’d actually wear, but you’re doing a fabulous job for me. Thank you so much!

          • I will do that, yes! Thank you for the MyHomeIdeas link too! Going shopping for the design book you recommended :)

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