I was mistaken about my mistake

Correction: I did not make the rookie mistake I thought I made. Yesterday, I pulled all the remaining skeins out of their bag to see if I could figure out which ball had come from which dye lot, and the two from the second dye lot were both still in there, untouched. So that’s just how different two skeins of Malabrigo Rios from one dye lot can be. Onward ho!

5 thoughts on “I was mistaken about my mistake

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  2. Welcome to the land of hand-dyed yarns! Most companies cover themselves by recommending to knit 2 rows alternately from 2 skeins at once. I am using madelintosh pashmina for a project right now and did not do it…started 2nd skein and nearly had a heart attack at the difference. Ripped out 8″ and started out again, this time paying a little more attention to each of the skeins…so far so good…fingers crossed for you!

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