Summer in SF mitts

70 yard mitts hannah fettig knitbot quince pattern

Took a short break and made these best-ever mitts for my friend Nichole, to indirectly replace the Fetching mitts that got stolen at Christmas. The pattern is Hannah Fettig’s 70-Yard Mitts. The yarn is Malabrigo Twist in Tuareg, left over from Mary Beth’s Fuck Cancer cowl. And thank god I have more than 70* yards left, because if I didn’t know I could immediately make myself an identical pair, I might renege on handing these over. They are divine.

For the record, I’ve given up even trying to get the color of Tuareg right in a photo — can’t be done. Ask for it at your yarn shop to see what it really looks like.

70 yard mitts hannah fettig knitbot quince pattern

*Technically, it took 75. I have plenty.

4 thoughts on “Summer in SF mitts

  1. Beautiful. I have a pair of handknit “no-fingers” that I use in the winter for reading in bed. The yarn is really soft and the color is kind of garnet, which feels dark and warm and perfect. They come halfway up my forearm. They have enhanced my winter reading life more than I can say.

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