Stitches West: Recap

stitches west recap malabrigo tunisian crochet top down sweater

I had the best intentions just moments ago when I typed that post headline, but I have so much to tell you about my time at Stitches West that I don’t know where to start. On top of which I’m completely exhausted. I’ll have to dole it out as I process it, but for now I’ll say that it was worth every mile — I drove back and forth all three days — and every penny. For me, the market floor was almost superfluous (or the icing on the cake, I guess). What made the experience for me was all six classes and everything I learned, through instruction and ambiently. Which isn’t to say I’m not thrilled with the tangible things I brought home as well. More on both to come …

5 thoughts on “Stitches West: Recap

  1. Karen, I’ve been enjoying your posts and I am inspired to start knitting again. Dying to hear more about your time at Stitches West. Great blog. xox NancyS

      • Oh, Karen, I just saw this post. I was wondering if that was the shopping trip you were referring to in your blog. I do remember, and I think it was Purl Soho, but KB would know for sure. That was a really fun day.

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