I went to Stitches

malabrigo yarn colors

I spent the day — and yes, a pile of dough — at Stitches West today. I blame the bulk of the expenditure on the the great wall of color at the Malabrigo booth. Plus I was weak by that point! One of my classes today was an hour session on Continental knitting and I have never been so exhausted. I didn’t realize until the hour ended that I had been holding tense every single muscle in my entire body.

Saturday I’m in an all-day class on sweater construction. Sunday, for fun and the chance to meet her, I’m taking Ragga Eiriksdottir‘s Tunisian Crochet class. Then sort of as a curiosity, a one-hour class in knitting both directions. Hopefully that will all keep me off the market floor.

Today I ran into my new friend Brooke Sinnes of Sincere Sheep and the adorable Jaleh from my nearest yarn shop. If you’re there over the weekend, let me know — I’m doing this all alone!

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  1. That’s really all their booth was — this black wall with a hank of each color hanging on it, in two rows. There were a half-dozen stores with booths selling the yarn, but Malabrigo was just this … wall. But such yarn.

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