The Tootsie Toasters have a moment

tootsie toasters slipper pattern

The Internet is the most delightful place, I swear. My Mom finds out I’m knitting and digs up a funny old typewritten, hand-annotated pattern from her youth — “Knit these TV slippers in 5 hours with only …” — and next thing you know it’s one of the 20 “Hot Right Now” patterns on Ravelry. If you were following along at the time,* Meg and Jo and I decided to knit it up and see what it made. Meg had an idea for a better way to do the toe cap. She wrote it up, knitted a sample for her store, and posted it as a free PDF on Ravelry, and voilà: a big moment for “TV slippers.” This amuses me more than I can say.

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*If you weren’t and you’re interested, the Toaster posts can be found right here.

3 thoughts on “The Tootsie Toasters have a moment

  1. Well, after all they did turn out to be some really neat slippers!
    Anxious to hear your mom’s comment about this pattern.

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