Arm leggings

navy armwarmers free knitting pattern

I finished these last week, by the way. (I haven’t been finishing enough lately.) Bob calls them my arm leggings. He sort of has a point — at this weight and length, with that inch of ribbing on the elbow end, they do look a tiny bit like I cut off a pair of socks. But I’m in love with them and have to resist the urge to wear them around the clock.

To recap, these are Cascade Pure Alpaca in navy. Cast on 42 stitches; 1×1 rib for two rounds; stockinette until 15 inches; 1×1 rib for 1 more inch; Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off. (Very important if, like me, you want them long enough to pull all the way up to your elbows.)

Pleasant to make. Even more pleasant to wear!

(See also previous post and on Ravelry.)

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  1. What if you have muscles and your arms are not straight sticks? How would you increase to make them fit and be comfortable? These would be super simple with just straight knitting.

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