New Favorites: WATG knitted denim jammies

New Favorites: Knitted denim jammies

The big news out of Wool and the Gang this week is that they’ve got a new yarn called Billie Jean, upcycled from the copious denim scraps of the blue jean business into an intrinsically blue cotton yarn (a recycling process that involves no further chemicals or dyes). They’re not the first to launch a recycled denim yarn, but the more the merrier, I say — cheers to anyone doing anything about fashion-industry waste, especially making glorious looking yarn out of it! So for those of us wanting to use eco-conscious yarns, this is another fantastic option. And of course they’ve done patterns to go with it. I’m instantly smitten with this little duo and dreaming of lounging around the house in them:

TOP: Crazy Feeling Sweater is a slouchy pullover with a funky split hem and wide sleeves that’s as casual as it gets

BOTTOMS: (ha! see what I did there?) Heartbreaker Shorts are the ultimate loungewear, and with that little rolled stockinette edge they’re like a pair of Daisy Dukes for the knitting crowd


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