New Favorites: WATG knitted denim jammies

New Favorites: Knitted denim jammies

The big news out of Wool and the Gang this week is that they’ve got a new yarn called Billie Jean, upcycled from the copious denim scraps of the blue jean business into an intrinsically blue cotton yarn (a recycling process that involves no further chemicals or dyes). They’re not the first to launch a recycled denim yarn, but the more the merrier, I say — cheers to anyone doing anything about fashion-industry waste, especially making glorious looking yarn out of it! So for those of us wanting to use eco-conscious yarns, this is another fantastic option. And of course they’ve done patterns to go with it. I’m instantly smitten with this little duo and dreaming of lounging around the house in them:

TOP: Crazy Feeling Sweater is a slouchy pullover with a funky split hem and wide sleeves that’s as casual as it gets

BOTTOMS: (ha! see what I did there?) Heartbreaker Shorts are the ultimate loungewear, and with that little rolled stockinette edge they’re like a pair of Daisy Dukes for the knitting crowd


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25 thoughts on “New Favorites: WATG knitted denim jammies

  1. ADORABLE! Why do you call it loungewear? It’s an adorable outfit! I’d wear it anywhere!

  2. Ya know… I saw these on the WATG site and thought that ribbing and split hem looked so odd – off centered or something??? anyone else? Like the denim yarn though – bet it is WONDERFUL. They have such great product – just not sure about that hem.

    • There was a ready-to-wear sweater that was all the rage (on Pinterest etc) a few years ago that had a hem like this, and I have a Madewell tee I love with the same forward slits. But I do wish there was a straight/flat shot of the sweater so I could get a better look at it.

  3. wow!!! those look cozy!! does recycled denim feel soft like cotton or stiff like jeans?

  4. There are a couple of more straight-on shots of the sweater on their web site.

  5. Loved the shorts-reminded me of a pair of “hot pants” I crocheted from granny squares back in the 70’s. What I’d give to have a pic of those!

  6. While this outfit looks great and trendy (and the yarn seems worth testing), I’m always puzzled by the combination of a long sleeved sweater with short pants. If it’s warm enough to wear shorts at home, then the sweater will be too warm, and vice-versa. But it sure makes for great pictures !

    • Really? That’s funny. I wear shorts and sweaters or sweatshirts all the time. (At the moment, I literally have on denim cutoffs and a sweatshirt, so it makes perfect sense to me.)

      • I can see why you love it then. I’m just the opposite: I prefer long pants and short sleeves, although today it is so cold I had to add a cardigan. I guess I’m from the cold legs and feet family, I find it hard to bare my legs unless it is really hot.

  7. I love this and ordered it right away. I only wear shorts with long sleeves to bed! This is so perfect. The outfit is just my style for bedtime too :) Just what I need is another knitting project, but I knew I was toast the minute I started reading…

  8. Mine is on its way! So exciting :) This is so me. Shorts and long sleeves. My fave for pajamas and so excited to knit pajamas and love the idea of upcycled yarn. The process sounds great too. Thanks for sharing. I am very impatient for it to arrive. currently rushing through the sweater on my needles so Im ready to knit when this arrives!

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