Best of the best of Pre-Fall 2014

Best of Pre-Fall 2014

New York Fashion Week for Fall 2014 is in full swing but I’m still processing the international Pre-Fall looks. It’s been an interesting set of collections, knit-wise. Where the past few seasons have relied mainly on ultra-basic sweaters, creatively worn, Pre-Fall 2014 has been full of all kinds of bright and bold sweaters, under and over everything, such as the retro stripes and varsity pullovers at Gucci and Jonathan Saunders.

They’re fun and all, but my very favorite sweater look is the Chloé ensemble above — one of only two knits in an amazing collection. A killer Moroccan-ish printed (I think) crewneck over a tie-neck blouse (I guess), spotted waterfall-ruffle skirt and the only thigh-high boots I’ve ever wanted. (The only thigh-high boots I’ve ever seen that have not a single whiff of street-walker about them.)

As a yarny collection, though, I think my favorite is Thakoon Addition:

Best knits of Pre-Fall 2014

The collection is packed full of swants, soopa scarves, fringed skirts, crop tops, exposed floats — all of it highly covetable and super inspiring. So Thakoon gets both best and worst this time around.

I can’t tell exactly what’s going on with the pullover below, but I can tell you that I want it

Best knits of Pre-Fall 2014

The one-armed sweater: Worst of Pre-Fall 2014?

What do we think of the one-armed sweater?

There have been some overwrought cable sweaters showing up in the Pre-Fall 2014 collections — I’m looking at you Carven — but none kookier than the one-armed sweater at Thakoon, which they liked so much they incorporated it into multiple looks. (When I wore my one-armed Acer to the Top of the Hyatt in San Diego recently, I had no idea I was on trend.) I fear the army of knock-offs this might inspire, but on the other hand, it could be a welcome sight to knitters with Second Sleeve Syndrome!

There is also a two-sleeved version, thankfully. The cablework falls somewhere between inventive and strained — I’m on the fence, but leaning toward like. Actually, the longer I look at this, the more I find myself falling under the spell of the one-armed version.

Speaking of cables and sleeves, apart from the Pepto pink, I’m also rather fond of the cable-sleeved sweater at See by Chloé.


First of the best of Pre-Fall 2014: Michael Kors

In praise of classic sweaters

In praise of classic sweaters

And now comes that most magical time of the year: the roll-out of Pre-Fall collection photos, and all the inspiration they bring. Michael Kors is here to demonstrate, yet again, that when it comes to sweaters, there’s really no need to reinvent the wheel. Beautifully made, interestingly worn classics — preferably in camel! — are all a girl really needs.

I definitely need that big fuzzy cardigan — pockets and all. Expect a pattern and yarn recommendation to follow …