New Favorites: Fall warm-ups

New Favorites: Fall warm-ups

Are you already (like me) imagining that moment when summer starts to let up and you can drape something woolly around your shoulders again? The precursor to actually being able to slide your arms into a real sweater? These two beauties would make for fun summer knitting and will fill that in-between gap as well as layering beautifully over sweaters and coats when the times comes—

TOP: Moon Sisters by Caitlin Hunter is a clever application of Anna Maltz’s Marlisle technique — a two-strand marl shawl with a strip of colorwork triangles running down the spine

BOTTOM: Isadora by Berroco is a sea of chunky scallop shapes formed (I believe) by nothing more than increases and decreases in chunky wool


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Marlisle, you’re fun (2018 FO-23)

Marlisle, you're fun (2018 FO-23)

Oh look, I finished up my Hozkwoz Hat (from Anna Maltz’s amazing book Marlisle) quicker than I thought I would! So cross that one off the list. Although I have to say, overall it took me a whole lot longer than I imagined. This was sort of slow going for me (cast on during the Fringe Marlisle Knitalong). The marlisle sections are far enough apart that I never needed to figure out how to hold yarns for this, so I just dropped one strand when I got to the solid sections, then picked it back up again. I tried to be super cautious about the length of my float, but there are spots where it’s a hair short and slightly pinching the ivory tower of stitches, but I do not care in the least — its lovely and warm and clever as could be.

This hat is knitted top-down, which means the crown can serve as your gauge swatch. My measurements were confusing, though — the X measurement is bigger than stated in the pattern, while measuring my garter suggested I was more or less on track. No matter, though, since it’s top-down: I figured I could just forge ahead and if it was proving to be on the large side, I could always decrease some stitches before working the ribbing. But there was no need to. All is well!

This is Sincere Sheep’s Covet (CA Rambouillet/alpaca/silk) in natural, and my mini skeins of Kelbourne Woolens’ Scout (100% wool) weren’t quite enough to do the job, so I subbed in some blackish tweed from my leftovers bin for the last inch or two. Were this solid-colored stockinette, you’d no doubt be able to tell I switched yarns, but in this context it’s perfectly invisible. And I knitted the whole thing on a US9 needle, including the ribbing.

I’ve seen a lot of amazing variations with this hat, but the gorgeous tonal one at the top in this photo has me thinking along those lines for another …

Hozwkoz Hat in Sincere Sheep Covet and Kelbourne Woolens Scout
Drawstring bag, blocking board and Lykke needles at Fringe Supply Co.

(The sweater is L.L. Bean.)


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Time for the Fringe Marlisle Knitalong!

Time for the Fringe Marlisle Knitalong!

Yay, today’s the day! Or, well, technically tomorrow is the day, but it’s time to kick off the Fringe Marlisle Knitalong, aka #fringemarlislekal! I’ve been obsessed with Anna Maltz‘s clever technique — as explored in her book Marlisle: A New Direction in Knitting — since her pre-book Humboldt sweater pattern hit the airwaves, and I’m so excited to finally cast on. Anna is traveling all month but will be following along and co-judging with me!

I’m also excited to have Fancy Tiger Crafts on board as a prize donor, as noted below. Anna is teaching several classes at Fancy Tiger this month, which you can see and sign up for here.

Here’s the complete rundown on the challenge and the prizes:

. . .

September 1-30, 2018

The challenge:

Simply knit one of Anna’s Marlisle patterns — Humboldt sweater, Zazie cowl, AIA mittens or any of the 11 patterns from the book — or make up your own using her technique!

The prizes:

$75* Fringe Supply Co. gift cert:
– best rendition of an Anna pattern (could be use of color, beautiful knitting, suits you beautifully, etc)
– best modification of an Anna pattern
– best original use of Marlisle

$25* Fancy Tiger Crafts gift cert:
– 5 winners chosen at random from qualifying entries

To be eligible for a prize, you must do the following:

1) Post on Instagram declaring your participation by using the tags #fringemarlislekal @karentempler @fringesupplyco @sweaterspotter in your caption and telling us what you’ll be making.

2) Make at least one additional post about your work in progress along the way. Be sure to tag all of your #fringemarlislekal posts, for all to see!

3) Make a final post of your finished object with the same tags as above, stating which category you’re entering by including whichever additional tag is appropriate: #bestmarlisle #bestmarlislemod #bestoriginalmarlisle

Anna and I will begin judging on Sept 30 and the winners will be announced here on the blog shortly thereafter!

NOTE: For your posts to be visible and thus eligible, they must be made from a public account. If you have a private account, either switch it to public or make a new account to participate.

*Winners are responsible for shipping fees and duties

. . .

For my part, I’m making the Hozkwoz hat! In the spirit of Anna’s text in the book about how she chose the yarns all for personal reasons, I dug into my stash and I’m using luscious wools made by two good friends: Sincere Sheep’s Covet (CA Rambouillet/alpaca/silk) and Kelbourne Woolens’ Scout (100% wool). Black-and-natural is always my favorite marl, and this duo will make a fantastically soft and warm hat for the coming winter, so I’ve decided not to think of this so quite literally as a swatch for my sweater idea, which will call for a different mix of fibers.

What will you be making? I can’t wait to see.

Happy weekend!


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