New Favorites: Kim Hargreaves cardigans

New Favorites: Kim Hargreaves cardigan patterns

I’m utterly convinced that I need to knit and own all four of these cardigans from Kim Hargreaves’ new 21-pattern book, Splendour. Total timeless wardrobe staples, am I right?

TOP LEFT: Eva is the ultra classic, with contrast pocket lining and cuff edge (+Ravelry)

TOP RIGHT: Connie is the one you want every single chilly Saturday (+Ravelry)

BOTTOM LEFT: Honour* has the air of a great vintage score (in houndstooth!) you could wear forever (+Ravelry)

BOTTOM RIGHT: Ivy has enough texture to make things interesting without compromising the longevity factor (+Ravelry)


*This is spelled both Honor and Honour on Hargreaves’ site, and Honor at Ravelry — not sure which is the official spelling, but I’m assuming the British one.

Transformative mods: Taking the rasp out of Raspy

jared flood raspy kim hargreaves

I really love Kim Hargreaves’ pattern Raspy — a lightly destroyed, collarless raglan sweater for women. But I also love what happened when Jared Flood knitted it in men’s proportions and skipped the raspy bits. I would put on that sweater and never take it off.


(Photo by Jared Flood)