New Favorites: Kim Hargreaves cardigans

New Favorites: Kim Hargreaves cardigan patterns

I’m utterly convinced that I need to knit and own all four of these cardigans from Kim Hargreaves’ new 21-pattern book, Splendour. Total timeless wardrobe staples, am I right?

TOP LEFT: Eva is the ultra classic, with contrast pocket lining and cuff edge (+Ravelry)

TOP RIGHT: Connie is the one you want every single chilly Saturday (+Ravelry)

BOTTOM LEFT: Honour* has the air of a great vintage score (in houndstooth!) you could wear forever (+Ravelry)

BOTTOM RIGHT: Ivy has enough texture to make things interesting without compromising the longevity factor (+Ravelry)


*This is spelled both Honor and Honour on Hargreaves’ site, and Honor at Ravelry — not sure which is the official spelling, but I’m assuming the British one.

9 thoughts on “New Favorites: Kim Hargreaves cardigans

  1. Hargreaves is pretty much a genius! I have been imagining knitting a cardigan just like Connie so I should run out and get this collection. I was attempting to do all the math in my notebook, but if someone as talented as Hargreaves has already mapped out the pattern, why reinvent the wheel!

  2. love them all, i could also see Eva in a baby alpaca like shibuis new colors, how soft that would be now how to get the patterns

  3. Yup, love them all, but Eva and Ivy especially.

    I love the Kim Hargreaves books but I really do think more of her patterns would get made if you could buy them individually. I have sprung for a couple of the books – they are so beautifully done- but they are expensive, which means I really think about it before ponying up. And the thing is, the more knitters who make the patterns, the more tips accumulate, which means even more knitters take on the project, which means….well, you know what I mean….

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