New Favorites: Two surprising Quince scarves

picks from the Quince and Co Scarves 2013 collection

The new Quince and Co. Scarves Etc. 2013 collection released on Tuesday (here’s the lookbook), and there’s lots of great, timeless stuff in there to love and knit. See especially Falmouth and Ebb. But to my great surprise, my favorites at first glance were the two with closures!, which I normally despise. I don’t know why, and this is a totally subjective personal thing, but I just do not like shawl pins — especially when they’re holding cardigans closed — and I don’t want to see buttons or toggles or anything else on a scarf. And yet somehow these two designs work for me. On the left is Greta by Elisa Cantolini, my very favorite. On the right is Grasshopper by Annie Gullion, the texture of which I love. (I confess to disliking the actual buttons used on the sample, which is part of my problem with closures: Good ones are hard to find.) Of course, it doesn’t hurt that both scarves are styled right up my alley — that jacket on the left could have come directly out of my closet, and the grey yarn diffuses the potential cutesiness of the ties. So hooray for simple styling. My compliments to everyone involved.