Introducing the new Town Bag + “garter stitch” bandanas!

Introducing the Fringe Supply Co. "garter stitch" bandanas!
Introducing the new Town Bag + "garter stitch" bandanas!

I’ve been a little awol this week because there’s a lot going on behind the scenes at Fringe Supply Co., with two delightful new goods for you today: First is the new Fringe Supply bandana pictured here — a 100% US-made cotton bandana (hard to come by!) with a “garter stitch” border hand-drawn by yours truly and available in two colors. For more on that, click through to the webshop.

And to be revealed at 9am CT is a new color of the Town Bag! So if you’re potentially into that, hold off on your bandana order till then. I’ll update this post once that’s live, but you might want to set an alarm to show up at the webshop right at that time. UPDATE: It’s FIG w/ waxed plum, and it’s a knockout!

Introducing the new Town Bag + "garter stitch" bandanas!

We’ve also got eggplant Bento Bags and charcoal Mamoru Mitts kits back in stock! And so much more, as always, at Fringe Supply Co.

Happy weekend, everyone — see you next week!


7 thoughts on “Introducing the new Town Bag + “garter stitch” bandanas!

  1. Is it plum???!!! AH, I hope it is!!

    If so, please tell me you sent some to The Yarnery in Saint Paul, I will call them asap. I love that color but wanted a bigger bag.

    Love the bandana but will refrain since I am awash in bandanas after an indigo shibori dyeing party with my 12 yo and her friends. :)

      • I was bummed to hear they didn’t order any. (What were they thinking?!)

        Oh well, I know you’re making more. I did use the Notify Me function and soon one of these fig and plum bags will come to live with me.

  2. Those bandanas are super cute. I had a hard time choosing a color, but Army Green won for the first one. I’m addicted to bandanas. The blue one will come live with me at some point in the future, too.

  3. That is a gorgeous bag and it’s sold out! I hope it comes back in stock again cause I would love to buy it :D I have two of your bags and absolutely adore them. They are so well made and sturdy.

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