That time I crocheted a hat

That time I crocheted a hat

I’m totally stunned that this worked. A) I’m not a frequent or experienced crocheter. B) I have never attempted to crochet something that had to fit. C) My gauge was totally different from the Wool and the Gang “Joanne” pattern I bought for this, so I had to wing it. But really the most amazing part isn’t that I crocheted a hat that fits — it’s that I made a hat that actually doesn’t look bad on me! Incredible.

This is the second of my three proposed Summer of Basics pieces, following my toffee Grace sweater. The third was meant to be a dress that I don’t yet have the fabric for. But since I’ve made three other dresses this summer (and pants!), I’m calling it a success.

That time I crocheted a hat

(Field Bag from Fringe Supply Co.)

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7 thoughts on “That time I crocheted a hat

  1. Lovely! I like the way you can shape the brim. Does that raffia require any post-crochet finishing like wool does? And was it hard on your hands to work with it?

    • I didn’t do anything differently than had it been wool, and it didn’t bother my hands. It’s a little irritating to work with in the sense that I found the cone unworkable and wound up winding it into cakes (nests), but then it was fine.

  2. I have to ask: did you ever sew anything out of the beautiful Allison-woven-and-dyed fabric that was dyed for you a few years ago? And if not, would it make a good caftan or is that too casual?

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