Queue Check — Midsummer 2019

Queue Check — Midsummer 2019

I know some of you are thinking “midsummer?!” We’re moments away from kids going back to school; there was a football game last night; the stores are already putting out their pumpkin-flavored-everything displays. But I still have a good 2.5 months of heat to deal with and can’t afford to start dreaming of fall. Although — even as I tell myself it’s ok to make clothes that don’t work in every season, that that’s the only way to really address clothes for hot weather — I can’t help thinking about how the things I make now will both travel and transition. That’s what I’m loving so much about the color palette I shared yesterday, which is also reflected above: It’s a palette for all seasons. And with the focus on garments with sleeves, I’m dealing with those in-between times I truly am unequipped for.

The only thing that’s happened to my toffee cable sweater since late June is I finished the first sleeve and cuff. I hope to knit the other sleeve this weekend and get back to the body, wrapping it up soon, because I need to get serious about my fall travel project. You can see I’ve got that skein of green wool-mohair out again, and can’t stop petting it. I’ve decided the very simple everyday stockinette pullover I’ve been planning to knit in navy will be preempted by a cheerful green version, and this Andorra is the precise shade of green I want. Sadly, it’s a warmer blend than I should really knit it in, so I’m pondering that while I finish the toffee sweater.

Meanwhile, I’m all about Linen Quest 2019, as seen in the sketches above — dresses plus mix-and-match separates on the horizon. Sketches 1 and 7 are the Fen dress and tunic mods and I’ve posted in the past week, and sketch 2 is the next variation I’m after. Even more caftany. (Likely making that this weekend!) Sketches 3 and 6, shirtdress and shirt, are slight mods on Liesl Gibson’s Gallery tunic/dress that I’ve sewn and loved before. Sketch 4 is my Hemlock mod from a few years ago, the wool gauze that got away, and I don’t know why I never thought to make it in linen. Sketch 5 is a tweaked Scout tee — a pattern I’ve had for some time and have yet to sew. I want to shape it like the rust one on yesterday’s mood board. And the last two are my pleat-neck tee idea and my beloved modified Robbie pants I’ve made a handful of times but all in heavy fabrics. Time for some linen!

It feels good to have a plan, and to have dusted off my machine. We’ll see what I can accomplish before it wants to go back into hibernation again.

So that’s what I’ll be doing this weekend! I’d love to hear what you’re up to —


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10 thoughts on “Queue Check — Midsummer 2019

  1. It’s been a brutal summer in the midwest too — sweater weather is a long way off!

    • I hope I don’t have another 2-3 months of humidity, but definitely have to reign in any expectations of heat relief before late October. I seem to set unreasonable expectations every year, which makes it worse!

  2. Love your new color choices. How about a vest in that fabulous green—something you could wear over a linen dress or top as it cools down…if it ever does!

  3. I have some serious sewing envy now. :)

    I fell off the wagon a bit in terms of not starting any new projects until I’d finished my current WIP. In my defense, I had a couple of work baby showers, and also in my defense, I have finished 13 projects so far out of 20 that I set as my Ravelry challenge for the year. Not bad.

    I’m sure we have only a month or 6 weeks at most of hot weather here in the Twin Cities, so maybe I will pick up that Alafosslopi Hildur and finish the miles of stockinette. But meanwhile, I need to figure out what to enter in the State Fair this year, and do I have time to make a couple of quick accessories? We shall see!

    Do you have a Tennessee state fair? Do you go? The MN State Fair is a really big deal.

    • Well, I’ve made a whopping three things for myself so far this year! The shawl-collar vest and these two Fen mods. But I am picking up steam on the sewing, as tends to happen this time of year.

      We do have a state fair in TN, and it happens here in Nashville, but I’ve only been a couple of times.

  4. I’m definitely sewing more Robbie pants in linen! Those guys are the best!
    It was 59 here on Squam when we got up to go walk before breakfast this AM….wish I could take that back to Atlanta with me.

  5. You might consider making your sweater short sleeved, to make it cooler. I reread you hemlock mods and am confused about adding 1″ to each side of the sleeve but not change the sleeve upper sleeve cap. Does that mean adding 2″ to the bottom or did you angle each side out 1″ at the far ends of the sleeve?

    • Yeah, I think I angled it outwards 1″ at each end? I just went back to read the post and saw that I noted at the time that it would be great in linen. Clearly lost track of that thought in the meantime!

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