New Favorites: The one(s) I’ve been waiting for

New Favorites: Pasvik knitting pattern by Julie Knits in Paris

In the absence of a big wrap that I’m really wild about, there’s a thing I routinely do — especially on airplanes. I take the two corners at each end of the thin wool scarf I always have in my bag and tie them together, leaving enough room for my wrists to slip through. That way my arms stay covered as I work or knit or whatever, without the scarf sliding off my forearms. I’ve always wanted the knitted version of this — and have twice been on the brink of casting on Flying Squirrel — but none of the shrug patterns out there ever feels quite right. Until I saw Pasvik, above, a design by Julie Knits in Paris for the new issue of Laine. (Which also contains the Denise Bayron Grace pullover that’s part of my Summer of Basics trio.) I had the pleasure of meeting Julie in Paris, and love the shape and textures on this, and the versatility of how it can be worn. L-o-v-e.

But then at exactly the same time, along comes Dyyni from Sari Nordlund, below, which I’ve been holding my breath for since it first appeared on her IG feed in recent months. It is literally the big wrap of my dreams. Simple (to knit and wear) yet with enough interest (in the knitting and the wearing) that I might actually complete it.

New Favorites: Dyyni knitting pattern by Sari Nordlund

What’s a knitter to do? There may be a mash-up in my future …


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13 thoughts on “New Favorites: The one(s) I’ve been waiting for

  1. Lovely choices. I had the same excited reaction to Pasvik, although I may end up with a mashup of Pasvik and Patricia Shapiro’s Talbot, which you might also want to take a look at. I really like the flexibility offered by Pasvik’s buttonholes.

  2. My first thought on seeing Dyyni is the dots look like Braille. It would be fun to do a favorite phrase or word with the dots.

  3. I got to post a picture of my shawl sometime. I’m sure you’d fall in love with it, it is unbelievably clever yet simple enough. I have the yarn to make another one this fall and I’m planning to write up a pattern for it after I reknit it. There’s just not enough hours in a day to do everything I want to do.

  4. I’ve had my eye on both of these. In fact have had a browser window open with Dynni ever since it showed up on Ravelry…so I don’t forget that i MUST knit it. :-) I’m thinking a fabulous fuchsia color of Fiber Company Meadow for that. Also, i’m working on Cocoknits Eva with Best Friend and am thrilled with how it is working up. Although there has been some operator error as I learn the Cocoknits method. Looking forward to getting the yoke done but am enjoying learning a new thing!

    • I’m so excited to finally give that method a try. Glad to hear you’re having fun with it!

  5. Andrea Mowry’s Everyday Shawl is similar too. May be worth a look.

  6. I noticed the Grace pullover too. I’ve worked with Puffin before and it’s surprisingly light and soft. My only concern, not having read the pattern yet, is that the front neck looks a little high and the back of the body is riding up a teensy bit on the model, all of which has me wondering if it might benefit from a touch more shaping…

    • I’m knitting it at a different gauge, so doing all my own math and shaping. I like the slight funnel neck and am hoping to replicate it.

  7. Pasvik looks like it might solve my problem of how to keep my arms and shoulders warm while reading a book in a cold winter bedroom. It’s hard to get the covers pulled up enough and still be able to hold a book!

  8. A friend of mine knit this several years ago, which seems along similar lines?

    In mashup territory, this would be a super fun twist on any large rectangular wrap with an applied i-cord edging (or to which one adds an applied i-cord edging…), skipping spaces in attaching the i-cord to make subtle buttonholes. Grace Anna Farrow has some fantastic stole patterns that would be fun to adapt this way! I’m thinking especially of Horizon, though really it’s hard to pick because she’s such a master of the rectangular wrap.

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