New Favorites: Flying Squirrel to the rescue

New Favorites: Flying Squirrel to the rescue

Already our Fringe HQ next-door neighbors are cranking the shared A/C, and I’m sitting huddled over the space heater on perfectly warm days with my big grey shawl around my shoulders, trying to get it to stay draped over my goosebump-covered arms. I’m dreading those long months ahead where it’s 100 degrees outside and 65 inside. Thinking about my spring/summer clothes — and specifically the fact that several of my favorite things are wide-cut smock tops that don’t play well with cardigans — I started wondering if there was such a thing as a single garment that could be left over my chair at work and pulled on over literally anything, including those smocks. After a few not-useless hours spent combing through kimono- and batwing-shaped cardigan patterns on Ravelry, I finally realized the answer was right here on the blog, in a New Favorites post from three years ago: Flying Squirrel by Michiyo. It’s a wide rectangle shawl/wrap/stole (ok, it’s a blanket), and can be worn as such, but it also has cuffs. CUFFS! For those moments when you need your blanket-scarf to pretend to have sleeves. But given that it technically has none, there’s no garment interference to worry about. And it’s cute!

I found the unicorn! Now I just have to knit it (minus the sporty stripes) … which might take me a lifetime of frozen summers. That is a whoooole lotta garter rib right there.


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  1. The grocery store and restaurants are the worst.(you can tell I love food) I need this “flying squirrel “!

  2. I can see this being so welcome during those summer months, perhaps in something uber soft and furry. I’m with you – I HATE AC and think it should be abolished! Or at least turn it down (or up really). Why does it have to be so cold??? Think of all the energy we’d save if people would just turn it up a few degrees and deal with it. (sorry, a pet peeve)

  3. Garter rib or stitch? Yes, it takes forever, but it makes such a luscious squishy fabric. Go for it!

  4. I kind of like that flying squirrel; the only thing I’d note is that it is probably best suited for indoor use since carrying any kind of shoulder-strapped bag might be awkward. However, a handbag (literally) or a sherpa would alleviate this issue.

    • What Julia says. You should be able to find something fleecy in gray, cut it to the dimensions of Flying Squirrel, then gather the short ends onto premade cuffs. Voila! Instant snuggie.

      • This is precisely the kind of knit project for which I would first make a fleece muslin. So fast and easy, and you then can decide how and where to tweak, and/or if you really want to knit it at all. I love shrugs in photos but find them very difficult to wear. Could just be my shape, but the fleece will provide a LOT of valuable information in the space of about an hour.

  5. Has it been three years? I loved the Flying Squirrel so much back then that I actually bought the wool to knit it. I started it, got distracted, started fussing about whether I was doing it “right” and now the wool is in a corner of my stash closet. For me its the Pacific Northwest potential for cool temps at any time and the idea of a snuggly something to turn to. Ok… this post is inspiring me to revisit that little project that has been lingering so long. And now I have three more years of knitting experience under my belt so it need not be a Big Deal.

  6. Ingenious! Just what we need for our VT summers, and we don’t even have A/C.

  7. I’m crazy about this. CRAZY I TELL YOU. Had forgotten all about it. I don’t even have an AC-office job anymore! This is solving a problem I don’t have!

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