Finally available: the Debutant Hat pattern

Now available: the Debutant Hat knitting pattern

Since I first published images of this hat back in June 2017 — the Debutant Hat, originally designed for use in my classes — I’ve gotten regular requests to release it for the rest of the knitting world to enjoy. I’m happy to have finally had the time to put it into pattern format and publish it through Ravelry, where it’s now available for download!

Debutant was inspired by a couple of mid-century hat patterns I love but was, as noted, explicitly designed as an introduction to cable knitting and chart reading. So it’s a great first pattern if you’re new to either, and a quick, pleasant knit for anyone already versed in those skills. (If you’re new to cables, I strongly suggest sticking with the recommended yarn, Osprey by Quince and Co., which will net reliable results.) Because it’s meant to get you comfortable with charts, it is charted only, but I assure you you can do it! And you will be glad you did. The pattern includes guidance on how the chart works.

This pattern is free until April 15th, no code needed. (Happy tax season!) And I’d love to see yours — please share it on Ravelry, and tag me and/or use hashtag #debutanthat on Instagram.

Now available: the Debutant Hat knitting pattern

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27 thoughts on “Finally available: the Debutant Hat pattern

  1. Thank you for the free pattern, Karen – I love the mix of textures!

  2. Thank you Karen, please have a look on Ravelry, I think the gauge stated on the page is incorrect.

  3. Karen, thank you for the pattern! Do you think I could modify the size for 4yo granddaughters by using a lighter weight yarn?

    • You could cast on 80 its instead of 90 and wind up with about a 16″ hat (at pattern gauge). Or just go down a needle size. If you go with a lighter yarn *and* smaller needles, it may wind up too small. But knit a swatch and do some math if you want to try that!

  4. Karen, in the Ravelry pattern the yarn size isn’t mentioned, even though the description page for the pattern mentions aran.

    Beautiful hat! Thank you!

    • It is listed as aran-weight yarn in the pattern details at the top of the pattern listing. It’s written for Osprey by Quince, which is an aran weight.

  5. Love this hat! Thank you! I’ve wanted to understand chart knitting for a long time.

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