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Weekend Reads: slow fashion, knitting, sewing

There’s the new UN report on climate change, the BBC documentary on fashion pollution, and also some lighthearted and inspiring stuff to talk about and explore!!

– Before I forget: If you’re at Rhinebeck this weekend and looking for a Field Bag, you’ll find it in the Harrisville Designs booth in Building A. (Eat a falafel for me! Hug a sheep for me! Say hi to everyone for me!)

– Tomorrow is International Repair Day, just in time for mending week coming up!

– Everything about this post of Mimi’s is amazing on all the levels

– Have you heard there’s a Fall 10×10 starting Monday? (I have a funny little idea I might make happen …) And that Lee Vosburgh has made a downloadable “define your style” guide? I haven’t had a look at it yet, so tell me what you think if you beat me to it!

99% Invisible is my very favorite podcast I rarely get to listen to, but I’ll be spending part of my weekend listening to their recent series, Articles of Interest, with episodes on plaid, pockets, blue jeans, kids clothes and more (thx, everyone)

–  I 100% agree with what Heather said about the overlap of sewing “frosting” and slow fashion (and I have a little #sewfrosting plan of my own)

– If I were anywhere near the Rhode Island School of Design, I’d be checking this out: “Repair and Design Futures is a multidisciplinary exhibition and programming series that investigates mending as material intervention, metaphor, and as a call to action.” (thx, Vanessa) (photo, above bottom)

– I will be in Palm Springs before their exhibition Scraps closes, though! (via @kikiluscious)

– I loved Ash Alberg’s thorough responses to this week’s Slow Fashion October prompts (among so many others!)

– For the month of Slotober, Emily at Reunion Yarn is offering her Unraveling Club online workshop (how to unravel sweaters and reclaim the yarn) for just $10, no code needed

– I would wear this apron every day, everywhere

– And maybe this quilted wonder on top of it (#tamaracksociety goals)

– And this is just jaw-dropping

Please note that I’ve corralled all of the great stuff I’ve been sharing in the Stories for the @slowfashionoctober account as saved highlights at the top of the profile page, so in addition to catching up with the posts in the main feed, do take a little time to flip through those — there’s just so much amazing, thoughtful, heartfelt, inspiring stuff.

Thanks again for spending some of your time here this week, dear readers. See you on #slowfashionoctober over the weekend and back here on Monday!


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8 thoughts on “Weekend Reads

  1. For all the readers of Karens blog if you do nothing else today please please please watch the BBC documentary. And if you have never watch The True Cost, another informative documentary take a look at that as well.

    • I’m watching the BBC doc right now. And I think I’ve seen The True Cost before but will take another look at it just to be sure. These programs are such eye openers – it’s so important to be aware of what’s happening in the world so we can make informed choices about things.

  2. OMG that apron is so amazing, right? I’ve been wanting something suitable to wear while sewing (I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve snagged a favourite sweater or top with stray pins!) and this is so perfect.

    And on the topic of #slowfashionoctober, is it the height of irony that due to the overwhelmingly brilliant thoughtfulness of everyone’s responses, including Ash’s, my resulting feelings of inadequacy have resulted in me being *extremely* slow to evaluate my own closet/wardrobe situation? ;-) The good news though, is that, with the exception of some pants (which I find the most difficult to sew for myself due to fitting issues), I haven’t made a store-bought clothing purchase in almost a year. However, my sewing plan does include making some Closetcase Sasha Trousers so I can finally tackle those fit issues once and for all!

  3. So many many thoughts about todays post! The simplest: I must make myself a denim apron. And I must make some kind of my own version of a pieced and quilted jacket. Really, I MUST…

  4. I saw Scraps exhibit here in DC in The George Washington University Textile Museum last year, it was absolutely amazing, so so relevant to present day. I was also lucky to take workshop with the brilliant Reiko Sudo (NUNO) who had a part in that exhibit and we got to sew by hand all day long utilizing scraps from NUNO textile production, and all ended up walking away with a full on unique stole! *heart eyes* So glad they are doing this again in other locations!

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