The talented and the brave: Summer of Basics Grand Prize winners

The chic, the talented, the brave: Summer of Basics Grand Prize winners
The chic, the talented, the brave: Summer of Basics Grand Prize winners

LAST SUMMER, I was smart enough to invite other people to do the final-round judging for Summer of Basics, and I’ll be sure to do that again next year because choosing winners from the 140-ish submissions on the #sob18finisher feed was beyond difficult. (Y’all, in two Summers, we’ve racked up over 5000 posts on #summerofbasics!) In the end, I could only narrow it down to 6 Grand Prize winners (instead of 5) of a $100 Fringe Supply Co. gift certificate*, pictured above and listed below in order of appearance, top to bottom. Make sure you click through and check out each one’s reflections, pattern details and additional photos —

@lana_and_lino Such gorgeous pieces, and the way that she has styled them all into a micro-capsule speaks to just how effective they’re sure to be in her closet. If you only read one caption out of any of this, please make it this one! I’m applauding every word. “I bought my sewing machine in January and I could only sew straight lines …”

@the_german_edge was a front-runner and crowd favorite from the word go, with her ambitious and stylish plans, and following along with her has been pure delight. And yes, she made her clogs.

@francespaki contributing from down under, challenging herself to make some more tailored garments and hitting all three pieces out of the park. “I really feel they are true basics that reflect my style and will be worn winter after winter for years.” If you don’t wear them, Frances, I will!

@nomadiccharacter made six things for herself and three for her daughter, all of which demonstrate that basic doesn’t mean boring. And come on with that toddler lopi!

@teamajwarren Her whole recap is just pure joy, which is how I would love for us all to feel about the clothes we’ve made ourselves.

@aunthoneysestate I feel like she manages to convey so much about herself and her personal style with these three lovely garments, which she describes thusly: “Each fills a specific gap in my summer wardrobe. 1) A pretty embroidered top that goes with everything. 2) A dress that I can “put on and go.” 3) The camisole that I need at least two times a week but never made!” This is also one of many instances like this throughout the feed, which melts my heart every time: “The embroidered center panel is a vintage piece that I’ve been saving for a long time.”

Also, the 5 entrants drawn at random for a $25 Fringe Supply Co. gift certificate* are @tania.ho @hellomister @larosemarymakes @fieldwonderful @emilywools — all of whom also did a magnificent job!

Congratulations to all of you! Job amazingly well done. Please email me at <> to collect your prizes!

If you missed the round one and round two winners, do go take a look at those, too, and click through to see how their plans shook out!

. . .

Through it all, I was blown away by @ninaninawhy’s attention to detail; @blakandblanca’s jet-fueled output, tremendous style and willingness to just go for it (and omg that personalized Field Bag to match her tote); and just how many people made SHOES this year! I loved @hobbsfunk’s striking mirror selfies; melted at @clairemadeit’s mini-capsule for her baby on the way; and cheered @reddamzel’s attitude about her white-for-now sweatshirt. Then there’s @notaprimarycolor who is in a league of her own. And I want to give a special shoutout to @thestoryclubpdx, one of our first-round winners, just to say that I so enjoyed following along with her efforts all summer in such depth, and appreciated how generously she shared both her struggles and her victories.

If I could borrow garments, there’d be a lot of them: @sv_azimuth’s Twigs sweater, @malinerogne’s slip dress, @jessandhen’s back-pleat box top, @mwmmpls’s little yellow top, @megthegrand’s cheerful yellow pullover (I know: I keep saying I’m craving some yellow!), @rachelbeckman’s cardigan, @maloriehall’s … well, everything, but especially the knee-length kimono jacket, and so many other killer clothes!

As I was methodically combing through the finishers, I also made a folder for posts I wanted to refer to or quote from — so many incredible remarks and insights!. When I was done and went to see how many there were, though, I’d saved 35 posts! Which is a bit much to try to cull and link. So what I really want to encourage you to do is go read through the #sob18finisher feed — it’s truly so remarkable and inspirational, and I think every single one is a winner! Along with everyone who finished even one garment. As I’m always saying, it really is the clothes you make, the friends you meet, the skills you build that are the real prize in all of this.

Thank you all so much for making this another exceptional event! I can’t wait for 2019.

*Shipping fees will apply. Non-US winners will be responsible for any duties or taxes on their shipments. Packages cannot be marked as gifts. No substitutions, and prizes cannot be redeemed for cash value.


PREVIOUSLY: Round 1 winners (the planners) and Round 2 winners (the WIPs)

18 thoughts on “The talented and the brave: Summer of Basics Grand Prize winners

  1. I would love to be able to click through the photos but can’t. In the future, could you caption them for easier crediting?

    • The winners are listed in the same order as they’re pictured, top to bottom, and each username is linked to their post. So just click the usernames and voila!

  2. I don’t know how you did it. What a ginormous task and yet you managed to make personal comments to participants. Thanks for the exercise. I look forward to next year’s make along.

    • Thank you, Barb. Participating in these events is the one part of Instagram that still feels truly fun and inspiring to me, so I cherish all of the posts to the hashtags and love the interactions.

  3. Oh my! This is so exciting, inspiring and fun! I don’t know how I will get myself away from my computer. I love the work I see, the ideas, the challenges people took on, the stories…. Thanks so much. Hats off to all who participated. Thanks Karen for a lovely, inspiring blog.

  4. WOW ! I haven’t felt this “sewing” inspired in many years ! I did manage to get one dress made !
    Thanks to everyone ❤️

  5. Congratulations to all-I want to make a coat now! All pieces are so inspiring to click through for ideas and wishlists.

  6. Truly don’t know how you managed to narrow it down to six! So many wonderful makes this year.

    Congratulations to the winners and to everyone who managed to finish all of their SoB makes!

  7. I’m going to need a week to go through all these. I didn’t participate this year–and in fact, I ended up being late on finishing last year. But I have two garments–a simple, elastic waist linen skirt and a handsewn linen top, both self-drafted–that I for sure wouldn’t have if I hadn’t decided last minute to do SOB2018 and I still wear all the time, weather permitting. Thanks for hosting this fabulous event. The various hashtags add so much joy and inspiration to my Insta feed and it gives me not just new ideas, but the chance to see how other people do and wear the more popular patterns. I can’t wait for Slow Fashion October, now!

  8. Thank you so much! For the positive energy and highlighting some of the amazing makers out there. It’s very inspiring.

  9. I savored every moment, every word, every photo, living vicariously though all the talent and energy. It’s taken me over 36 hours to digest all this wonder. Thanks, Karen, and to all the inspiring makers. Your words give me something to which to aspire. One of these days when I catch up…. on all the things I (think) I have to do first. I have followed everyone mentioned, too. I can lose myself to Instagram.

  10. oh wow! thank you for the shout out! it totally and completely made my week! SoB was an inspirational and aspirational event to participate in, and I can’t wait till next summer!

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