Portugal packing list

Portugal packing list

By the time you’re reading this, I’ll be somewhere in Portugal, which is blowing my mind. I just finally made it out of the Americas last year, when Bob and I went to Paris. And now I’m off to Portugal with my globe-trotting friends, thinking maybe there’s still a chance for me to learn their ways! I’d tell you what we’ll be doing while we’re there, but I barely know; all of the most intense planning conversations happened while I was out for Bob’s surgery and then while I was away at Squam. But I have complete faith that the women I’m traveling with have made amazing plans for us, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it when I get back.

Not really knowing what we’re doing does make packing a little mysterious! Along with a forecast that has changed pretty drastically in the past few days — shifting from low 70s to low 90s — and still includes a 20-degree swing while we’re there. So this is what I’m taking (pictured above) in the hope it will suit whatever happens. 12 garments for 12 wildly variable days:

– Denim vest (J.Crew, ancient)
– Silk smock  (Elizabeth Suzann 2017, no longer available)
Chambray button-up
Striped sleeveless tee
Black sleeveless tee
– Grey linen sleeveless tee (Everlane 2017, available again at the moment)
Green camisole
– Black elbow tee (Everlane, new)
Recycled demin wide-legs
Canvas wide-legs
– Jeans (J.Crew Point Sur, 2016, made in LA, no longer available)

Shoes: Veja sneaks (new), Everlane orange sandals (new, sold out); black Salt Water sandals (old) and trail shoes (very old). Plus a swimsuit and a pair of old hiking shorts. And as I’m typing this, I’m thinking rather than throwing in a pair of pj pants for when we’re just hanging around, I might grab my black linen Eliz Suzann pants instead, which are glorified pj pants that could also step into service if needed.

I do have blog posts queued up for while I’m away — some new, some resurfaced — and I hope to be able to respond to comments during this time, but please forgive me if I wind up having to catch up when I’m home! And of course, I’m sure to be oversharing on Instagram @karentempler if you want to follow along in real time.


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7 thoughts on “Portugal packing list

  1. I am following you with great interest as I have a Portugal trip planned for spring 2019. Will be noting all of your recommendations.

  2. How do you deal with wrinkling? You have so many natural fabric tops I wonder if it’s a problem. Answer when you get home, no rush!

  3. I’m getting organized for a month long trip and thinking a lot about how to pack light enough that I can get by with a biggish backpack, and still look respectable, so I’m loving your packing posts. I’m super curious about your luggage.

    • I travel with a carry-on-sized roller bag and either a tote (usually a Woollelujah tote with a Porter Bin inside) or a backpack (in a major tourist situation like Paris or Portugal). I don’t check bags except under duress, which is part of why I’m such a devout light packer. Last year I replaced my old roller bag with the “Larger Carry-On” from Away, which is smaller than my old one and has no outside pockets, so I wasn’t sure that would work for me, but it does! It’s magic, somehow.

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