New Favorites: Geometric yokes

New Favorites: Geometric yokes

There was definitely an “it” sweater at Rhinebeck in October — dozens of beautiful versions of Caitlin Hunter’s Birkin pattern from Laine Magazine. There was one in particular — hay colored with bright bits of colorwork — that was utterly stunning and made me want one just like it. However, the standout sweater of the whole weekend for me — the one I haven’t stopped thinking about — was pre-release at the time. It was the sample of Beatrice Perron-Dahlen’s Tensho Pullover (top), which was being worn by Alexis Winslow, who had just finished modeling for the photos. Bea kindly sent me the pattern afterwards. Amber has just finished knitting a black version that is so good it hurts. (If I didn’t have this.) And there’s also now a Tensho hat. But in the meantime, it’s one of three starkly geometric yoke patterns to make it on my Favorites list:

TOP: Tensho Pullover by Beatrice Perron-Dahlen

MIDDLE: Winter Woven Sweater by Tomo Sugiyama is a Japanese pattern (i.e., just a one-size annotated chart) and I’m not sure if it’s available individually, but oh how I want one

BOTTOM: Kirigami by Gudrun Johnston is rendered in high-relief texture rather than colorwork


TOTALLY UNRELATED: To those asking to test knit my log cabin mitts, I am furiously finalizing and assembling the pattern, in the hopes of publishing it next week. If there’s anyone hot enough for it that you’re ready to cast on immediately and can imagine having feedback to me by Sunday, I’ll be happy to send the raw text to a few of you for that purpose. Otherwise, everyone can expect to see it very very soon!


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21 thoughts on “New Favorites: Geometric yokes

  1. With my limited Japanese, I had a look on the daruma website. They do offer some downloadable patterns but not this one specifically. It is from the same book as that grey high neck pullover though – might be worth buying if there’s two patterns that you really like?

    • I know, it’s a great collection. Although then the closer you look you’re like wait is this a collection what’s happening i’m confused. But so many great patterns.

  2. Oh, and the reversible hat pattern by Natsumi Kuge too.

    Interestingly, the high neck pullover is available for download for USD8 when the entire daruma pattern book 2 costs only JPY1200 (about USD11).

  3. I’d be happy to test knit (knitting at least one until Sunday). The time difference between your country and mine (Germany) might be of help here ;) Carina.

  4. These are all stunning, but Gudrun Johnston’s really speaking to me. I wonder if I actually could knit 3 adult size sweaters in one year. And a baby sweater.

  5. I have just entered Kirigami into my favorites on ravelry. it seems like I can’t have enough yoked sweaters.

    ps. I would love to give you mitts a try and am sure I could finish quickly. I will send you an email

  6. LOVE this post! My fingers are tingling to give them a whirl after I complete my first intarsia sweater first.

  7. The middle one looks like it might be a raglan rather than a “yoke” design. I think I see where the design miters. It is gorgeous, but then all three are.

      • Here’s an idea with a yoke: mark the spot where the raglan lines would appear, and then reverse the design over that area, and reverse again when you come to the back and the other sleeve. And then somehow figure out where to put your decreases (bottom up) or increases (top down). We could do that.

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