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I’m not pulling specific examples from the #fringeandfriendslogalong this week but I am saying you need to go check out the feed. There’s so much creativity and ingenuity happening, I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to narrow down highlights! (Much less prizes.) However, I do want to point you to two blog posts by Rachel Beckman (her photos above) about how log cabin is changing her perception of what knitting is, here and here. And from the panelists, don’t miss Kay’s fantastic blog post on how she’s constructing her sweater and Ann’s jaw-dropping discovery. (Unrelated, Kay is also making me LOL with this whole ouija board/swatch metaphor.) I’m making progress on my log cabin mitts idea and hope to have the pattern written up fairly soon! And on Monday we’ll talk about how to weave in ends — or rather, how to avoid having (many of) them in the first place!

Meanwhile, Elsewhere:

– “Making litters our lives with intention and agency. It reminds us through its process that we can alter our environment to suit ourselves. That we have choice and agency in our lives.”

– Martha’s making me sorry I skipped this exhibit (I could have run into her there!); and have you seen there’s knitting in the new issue of MS Living?

Amen to this

– I’m feeling all the love for this stranded Garter/Banff hat mashup and Amber’s Constellations kimono and Heather’s Snoqualmie Cardigan

Winter style muse

This blanket

Amazing story but let’s talk about that sweater (?) she’s holding with the giant ball-fringed (?) monogram!!

And if you’ve been waiting for that natural-indigo woven-in-CA denim, its time has come

It’s a snow-and-ice kind of day here in Nashville and I’m hunkered down and log cabin-ing for the next few days. I hope you have a relaxing weekend!

EDITED TO ADD: I just heard registration is officially open for Squam in June and there are just a few spots left in my classes. If you’ve never been to Squam (and been wanting to learn how to knit cables), I highly recommend this retreat!


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  1. We’ve been down with the bug(z) at the house, and finding it difficult to pick up my knitting (when my head is foggy, no knitting unless I like ripping). So visuals are a nice change of pace. Thank you for the continuing feed of lovely knitting options!

  2. That Japanese exhibit is amazing. It is so fascinating to me how quickly we progressed from textiles being extremely valuable to textiles being trash. Women’s *entire lives* were arranged around textile production and maintenance from basically the time we discovered spinning until maybe 100 years ago. Or, more recently, even, depending. My grandmother in a very poor mining family, recycled the fabric from flour sacks into clothes basically up to the point that flour stopped coming in cotton bags.

    You should check out https://www.srithreads.com/ for more lovely Japanese textiles with more mending.

    • Thanks for the link! And yes, so fascinating when you start thinking about how much of women’s lives used to be spent making their own lace and textiles — whether in the cabin or the factory — and now nobody even thinks to wonder where it all comes from.

  3. how about the rug that is in front of ‘this blanket’? It’s killer!
    Happy log cabining!

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  5. I had wanted to knit a log cabin Afghan but my daughter passed away and I put away my knitting. Five years have passed since then and you have inspired and motivated me to find my sticks and stash again, and begin.

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