Bento Bags in recycled grey or pink

Happy Friday, friends! #slowfashionoctober is off to such a strong start that I’m struggling to keep up with all the introductions! Which is awesome, and I look forward to catching up over the weekend. On that subject, first up for today is next week’s topic, which is: WHAT. As in: What are you doing differently than you have in the past; what shape does “slow fashion” take in your closet; what are the items in your closet (0r your stash or your project bag) that you feel the strongest about … and why?

And with that, an extremely meaty Elsewhere:

– Knitter, programmer and DIY community member Kelsey Leftwich has been working on a wardrobe-planning iPhone app for the past year or more, and it’s now available in the App Store: it’s called Capsule Wardrobe and it’s on sale this month in honor of Slotober— huge congrats, Kelsey! I haven’t downloaded it yet, but if you beat me to it, please report back!

– Great advice from Heather on how to boost your sewing (or knitting) confidence: Just make it already!

– Charity knitting drives to consider: Knit Big for Little Lungs and multiple Warm Up America! intiatives

– Have you heard? Squam lives on!

– Incredibly beautiful NYT piece about Mexican weavers and natural dyes (thx, Holly)

– I’m Fascinated by Solidwool

– One of many alarming notes in this bit of guidance for companies manufacturing in Asia: “… figures compiled in 2013 found that there was more than one factory fire per week in Bangladesh.”  (thx, Angela)

What do synthetic fibers and shellfish have to do with each other? “Outdoor gear manufacturer Patagonia found that the average synthetic jacket releases 1.7 grams of microfibers per load of laundry. Each load may generate hundreds of thousands of fibers, which can slip through filters on washing machines and wastewater treatment plants and eventually make their way into ocean waters.” (thx, Dania)

– How come no one ever told me you can make a rug out of finger-knitted chains?

– Ella Gordon’s vest from the Cowichan-style Knitalong is now a pattern!

Free yoke inspiration

I would knit with Alan Cumming (thx, DG)

These vintage sweaters

This beautiful little story from Katrina

Stunning socks

New smock pattern alert

Carina’s lace shawl tattoo is the coolest (thx, Tunet)

Top 100 Knitting Blogs — what are your favorites?

Sweetness overload

– And why didn’t I think of that?

IN SHOP NEWS: There are two new colors of Bento Bags available! Pictured up top, the fabric is a 100% recycled hemp/organic cotton blend with a lovely slubby tweediness to it, and it’s available in grey or pink (aka light red). Conscientiously made in California.

AND IN OTHER NEWS: I’m SUPER excited for next week because I finally get to reveal the details of the next Fringe and Friends Knitalong! So have a great weekend, and I’ll see you back here next week—



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  1. By coincidence, I just downloaded Kelsey’s app today. I’ve put some of my “articles” (app term) of clothing in it and have begun to assemble “outfits”. The app is fun, easy and enlightening. I think it will help guide my shopping, both for ready-made and for yarn. I can easily see the “gaps” in my wardrobe as well as the excesses (don’t need any more gray tops, not me!). Thanks, to Kelsey and to Karen for mentioning it. The most telling revelation? — I’ve got enough clothes. I thought I pared my clothing stash down after last year’s flood, but really, I’ve still got more than I need. Now I can honor Slow Fashion October by repurposing the articles I don’t need and making sure any purchases are mindful.

    • For anyone interested, after a quick check of the kickstarter page, this project was funded big time!!!! The cora balls were estimated to be sent out in July, but production issues have stalled that date. If you want to pre-order one, you can access a link on the kickstarter page.

  2. That yoke ” free yoke inspiration ” reminds me a bit of the motif from the Eddy wrap recently released by Mason Dixon knitting. Also, I can’t wait to by a Cora Ball. I love that it is a simple, individual solution that I can take.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing our Top 100 Knitting Bloggers post Karen :) We hope you all you wonderful, hard working bloggers get lots of exposure! Please message me or comment on the post if you think we’ve forgotten anyone. Cheers Jodie

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