First of the Best of Spring 2018

First of the Best of Spring 2018

The big-4 Fashion Weeks are currently underway (NY, London, Milan, Paris) and I haven’t seen any of it yet! But Stockholm went first, and I’m crazy about this collection by new-to-me label Totême.  The Spring collections are often my favorite because I find them inspiring for the early fall moment that’s upon us and also interesting for seeing where fashion is headed six months out — how spring builds on the seasons before it. But this particular collection — especially the look up top — actually makes me a little bit nostalgic for my Paris suitcase, and extra excited to wear some of those outfits that either didn’t get worn or have only been worn that week. I believe the pants in the first two photos (looks 15 and 4) are rib knit, and I want them; they look amazing with both of these tops. The red blouse sent me running back to Folkwear’s smock patterns, and I want this exact same scarf in knitted shawl form. (Although my striped sweater serves that purpose beautifully.) The stylized cable sweater (look 7) stays just on the right side of being stylized but not overly gimmicky or trendy, and the entire look below (5) makes my heart race. Overall, amazing silhouettes and so much food for fall wardrobe thought right now.

First of the Best of Spring 2018

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  1. I think this line was designed just for you! Didn’t you make Look 6 for a trip to Florida. But I do have to say I was a little disappointed, I thought for sure there would be pictures of your new jeans this morning. Curious to hear your thoughts on the class and making your own jeans, they really look like the ultimate challenge.

  2. Oops spoke to soon, just saw your jeans on instagram. Wow, you should be over any fears of sewing now, really look nice.

  3. That last look is totally you, and I can see what you mean about this line. I particularly like the top/tunic in the first image, and I’m thinking about Folkwear patterns for that red number. There’s a little bit of a ’70s vibe with that one for sure. I mean, look at the scarf! Thanks for this!

  4. I think that scarf would look great as a knitting project. I also detect we are headed back to bell bottoms or a wider leg, in the future. I would love to wear any of these.

  5. I also just noticed the bag the bottom model is carrying. It reminds me of the pattern you shared from Merchant and Mills.

  6. Great collection … simple, gorgeous, and best yet, the pieces are interchangeable. I made myself a pair of black silk pants that same shape and length and have worn them nonstop since they were finished. The look good with everything! But I do need a pair in a more casual fabric. Hadn’t thought of a knit-like fabric….hmmmm…..

  7. Wow! Toteme is amazing! Thanks for sharing. I could wear those rib pants every day (given they held their shape) + the tunic tops look so forgiving/comfortable. The orange top is similar to Black Crane’s current season, gathered top…and I love the length of the sleeves + shape of the sweater. Love!

  8. The only piece I see in my future is the sleeveless turtleneck and I just bought a beauty. The high water pants really look awful on most bodies. Loose and flowing is the coming trend but the look will be interpreted for those of us with more generous figures – here’s hoping.

  9. Wonder why some of these insanely lovely clothes were accessorised with a hairdressers smock (first picture) and a black bin/trash bag (last picture) ….#kookyforthesakeofit

  10. I had exactly the same thought about the beige and black scarf: I need to knit that shawl sized for my wardrobe. I’m already mentally checking my yarn stash for appropriate materials.

  11. Thanks for sharing Toteme with us! I love the simplicity and the sophistication. Another line you might love (I’m coveting quite a few pieces from their new collection) is Kowtow out of New Zealand. And they do lots of fabulous knitwear–I’m obsessing over the knit shorts right now! If all that isn’t enough, it’s ethically and organically produced. Love.

  12. OMSLIH! I remember the Ethnic Folkwear patterns from… how many decades ago? Still LOVE my favorites, remember the fabrics I used, and all the iterations for those I sewed for. It’s almost like looking at my children’s baby pictures. What a treat!!!

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