New Favorites: from Rowan 62

New Favorites: from Rowan 62

The big fall Rowan collection is out, Rowan 62, and if you’re looking for a cable sweater pattern, they’ve got about a dozen for you to choose from, all of them good. But these are my favorites from the issue:

TOP: Cowlam by Lisa Richardson makes me yearn for turtleneck weather!

BOTTOM LEFT: Gransmoor also by Lisa Richardson is a great, bold stranded pullover, love that stripe at chest level

BOTTOM RIGHT: Eastbury by Emma Wright is a cute little circular-yoke stockinette sweater with just a few stripes around the cuffs for interest


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  1. I have been following your progress on your Aran sweater (I did find a copy also). You are very accomplished but I find the bottom up method slow going. I have gone back to it many times through the years, and I am never happy with the results. I have been looking at various cables and stitches lately that I am sure could go up or down, and I ran on to a book that I had completely forgotten about. It’s ‘The Best of Knitter’s Arans & Celtics’ by XRX Books. In it is an ‘Upside-Down Aran’ by Joan Schrouder and I think it could be a springboard for others with my preference for top-down. It’s out of print, but there are some Very nice sweaters in it, regardless of the direction you knit, and I think this paperback edition is available several places over the net and worth looking for. Just an FYI.

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