New Favorites: Angelina

New Favorites: Angelina Pullover pattern by Mary Anne Benedetto

The Fall issue of Interweave Knits looks like a good one overall, but I’m especially taken with this Angelina Pullover, designed by Mary Anne Benedetto. I love a good yoke with cables in place of colorwork, and these gradually widening wishbones are particularly appealing. Plus I’m thrilled they opted the knit the sample in black. (I believe in black cables.) I’m a little bit conflicted about the shirttail hem — it really shouldn’t work on a yoke sweater, and feels a little trendy, but it’s so beautifully executed I can’t argue with it. The shaping is perfection, and I can’t get enough of the way that I-cord edge hangs. It doesn’t hurt that it happens to be styled with black-and-white gingham, which has been a fixation of mine for months now. So I’d like this exact combo, please.

[EDIT: Apparently this color of Cumbria is Dodd Wood, an extremely dark brown. I forgot there’s no black in that yarn!]


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  1. I thought it was black also but on the Kelbourne site they say it is brown. Love the cables cascading down.

  2. I agree and love this sweater too. Somehow the curved sides reflect the cables. I am going to put it into my favorites.

  3. This looks a lot better here than it did in print, actually — in my magazine, the photos were so murky it was hard to see the cables. (I know the theme was “subterranean,” but you still need to see the sweaters.)

  4. They must have had either a young designer or sample knitter: I’m only 47 but I can’t SEE black to cable it. Unless it’s mid day and I’m outside AND wearing my reading glasses.

    But absolutely, black cables look marvelous.

  5. Love it!…..and I love that hemline with the I cord. I think I might be really bored knitting the body once the cables were finished…….but it’s a great look. Trendy? yes, but I still love it!

  6. Love it. Want it now! Can’t wait to knit and wear. Definitely will compliment my wardrobe.

  7. Yup, it went into my faves as soon as it came out. Hard to see on Rav, but your post shows it better. I agree that the styling is fab. I already have the yellow ochre pants. ;-)

  8. I totally love this sweater too and favourited it as soon as I saw it. I’m cray-cray for icord edging these days and those cables are just the bomb.

  9. This one went straight to my queue – it has everything I like – cables and loads of positive ease. For once I will not change a thing right down to the yarn and colour….

  10. Hmm, interesting yoke. A bit similar to the Antler Cardigan by TinCanKnits, which I’ve always wanted to knit as a pullover instead but never wanted to adapt it myself! Hope there’s a kid version soon!

  11. Another blogger I read “reviewed” this collection and griped about the shaping on every sweater that wasn’t form fitting. Me, I like a nice loose sweater myself.

  12. I like black cables well enough, but I am bothered by the trend toward dark sweaters in front of dark backgrounds, especially when there is artistic lighting that casts shadows. Even turning the brightness up as high as it would go, the new Interweave crop of sweaters are hard to see. And Isn’t that the point? Sensibly speaking, I am more interested in really seeing the sweater than in the artistic presentation…but then, I’m definitely old school!

  13. I do like this sweater. I don’t know what I think about the shirt tale hem. I can see how it works with the design, but on my body, I doubt it. Part of it is my long torso, and part of it is my age. I do like the way the sweater flows, so it will be interesting to see how some people knit it.

  14. I saw this sweater and said I might actually make something with cables! Plus I love the hem and it has a slight bell to the sleeves. Two winning details in my book. I was also pleased by the black male model in the issue as well after all our diversity discussion. One of the sweaters he modeled will also be getting made for my husband. I love a good saddle shoulder.

  15. Thank you for highlighting this sweater – one that I’ve been looking to make for myself. I wouldn’t have given it a second thought in the magazine if you hadn’t highlighted it – bad, bad photography. Thanks Karen!

  16. Oh! My friend has a very similar, ready-to-wear sweater that I just love – I mentally try to deconstruct it every time I see it – so I may need to grab a copy of this and finally make my own, thanks! :)

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