It’s almost Summer of Basics prize time!

It's almost Summer of Basics prize time!

Somehow it’s already the middle of August — two-and-half weeks (or two weekends, as I think of it!) till the official end of the Summer of Basics Make-along. There are already more than 2000 posts on the #summerofbasics feed — y’all have been busy! — so I want to take a minute to zero in on how to submit for the chance to win a prize. (Last-minute pattern suggestions if you haven’t started yet.) The prizes themselves are recapped below, along with what hashtags to use, but since everyone’s been making multiple garments, posting multiple photos, over the course of multiple months, we’d really appreciate it if, whenever you’re finished, you made one final post summarizing what you did and using the appropriate hashtags.

You can do this any way you like, but here are some suggestions and examples taken from the feed:

1.) Take one photo that includes all three finished garments — they could be on hangers or a clothesline or in a “flat lay” on the bed or floor, whatever works. See @valendra25‘s post above as an example (she’s not finished yet but you get the idea) — and she’s used the multi-image function to include one pic of the fronts and one of the backs! Which is awesome.

2.) If they are able to be worn together in a visible way, take a pic of yourself wearing them all! I like the way @liwarlin did side-by-side images of herself with and without the sweater. You could also do that with the multi-image function, as well as actually pairing them up like she did.

3.) Take multiple photos and use the multi-image function to include them all in a single post like @toastedthread did here — go swipe through her images to see. I love that she included a flat lay (so we can see the bra from under that tank!) and also her original plan. We’ll be looking for your progress shots in your feed, but the notion of using multi-image to recap and tell the tale is really fun, so consider something like that!

Make sure you tag your finale post #sob17finisher, along with #summerofbasics and any other applicable prize tag below.

As an alternative to Instagram, you may do a blog post (or Ravelry, etc) about your three finishes and leave a link in the comments below, and just include the appropriate hashtags so our judges know which ones to consider for which prizes.

MOST IMPORTANT: If you’re submitting for the Best Mods prize or the Best First prize, please make sure to tell us the details of that! Especially the mods, since your cleverness and success in what you did will be the deciding factor and we won’t necessarily be able to discern that from the photos, so tell us about it in the caption!

Let me know if you have any questions — and thank you all for being such awesome companions in this little adventure!

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To be eligible for any prize, you need to have completed 3 garments within the June 1-August 31 time frame. (Please do not enter garments you’ve previously finished.) To enter any of the categories below, use the appropriate pair of hashtags when posting your finished garments. Please only use the prize tags that your garments qualify for:

Best Modification/Alteration
PRIZE: 4 skeins of Fibre Co’s new yarn for Fall from Kelbourne Woolens
The winning garment might be either knitted or sewn, but the prize is yarn so only enter if you’re into that! Be sure to tell us what changes you made from the pattern(s) you started with.
HASHTAGS: #summerofbasics + #sob17bestmod

Best First-Timer
PRIZE: 4 sewing patterns + $50 gift certificate from Fancy Tiger Crafts
It’s cool if you’re a knitter entering your first sewn garment or sewer entering your first knitted garment, or it can be the first garment of any kind you’ve ever made!
HASHTAGS: #summerofbasics + #sob17bestfirst

Best Combination of Garments
PRIZE: $100 gift card from Grainline Studio
We’ll be looking for 2-3 pieces that work exceptionally well together. They might be sewn, knitted or a combination, but the prize is sewing patterns, so only enter if you’re into that!
HASHTAGS: #summerofbasics + #sob17bestcombo

Random drawing
PRIZE: $100 gift certificate from Fringe Supply Co.
I’ll draw a name at random from all qualifying posts!
HASHTAGS: #summerofbasics + #sob17finisher

Winners will be announced in early September.


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