The rest of the Best of Fall 2017: Scarf season

The rest of the Best of Fall 2017: Scarf season

Random observations on the Fall 2017 collections: It’s a very strong army-green season, which happens every few years and always feels like home to me. (It’s always army-green season in my world.) There’s a tremendous amount of denim in the shows — deconstructed/reconstructed pieces of all kinds everywhere. Celine says it’s safe to take your blankie with you. This might be the best twinset ever. Conversely, the one-armed sweater is back. But what I really want to talk about are all the scarves (and matching scarves and sweaters) and the button-up ruanas — scarves-as-garments — which I’m compelled to called scarfigans: Exhibit A, the army version, at Apiece Apart (above). Exhibit B at M.Patmos. And a non-knitted, big-pocketed variation, Exhibit C also at M.Patmos. Among others. The best of the best of the scarves is the one below, from endless-summer label Lemlem — a show full of appealing mash-ups of fluttery tops and sweatpants, the best of both worlds. But it’s the garter-ombré-stripe effect of the scarf, seen also on a hoodie, that I can’t get out of my head. I did something slightly similar with a scrappy cowl when I was very first knitting and I’m now re-pondering all that for my long-planned leftovers sweater.

(Speaking of army green: The army Porter Bin will officially be back on July 28th!)

The rest of the Best of Fall 2017: Scarf season

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  1. All very inspiring Karen! Thanks for sharing! The best of the best of the scarves is really gorgeous. So simple and yet so charming!

  2. For those who read French, that scarf is a free pattern on Ravelry: Echarpe a Rayures. (I don’t speak/read French but I fake it). It has been in my Favorites for a long time.

    Meanwhile, I hope the army green will escape the shows and make it into the local shops for Fall: it is one of my go-to colors, and I don’t understand why it is not always, always available!

      • Yes-it is the amazing black/gray ombre yarn I love! If opened in Google Chrome it will translate:
        Recipe :
        Choose yarns of similar shades (here gray and beige) and add a thread of color punchy (here mustard).
        Knit the threads too thin.
        Start with 24 stitches on needles size 8 (more or less according to your wool), work 2/2 ribs for 10 cm.
        Then alternate randomly the colors and the garter stitch with the jersey .
        Make a row of this color, then another one with the garter stitch, continue in stocking st and then change color, etc.
        When the length you like, finish with 10 cm rib 2/2.

  3. I really love a blanket sized scarf. I also like army green although it makes me look like I’m extremely unwell so I worship from afar.

    • Yeah, and using the color change as a stripe in the garter. That’s the part I was playing with in that cowl way back when, but alternating with the stockinette stripes (and the overall ombré effect) is just so great.

  4. Neighborhood Fiber Company makes a color called Logan Circle that is one of my favorite army greens. It’s not too muddy and not too bright. It’s one of my favorite neutrals.

  5. The mix of the army green blanket scarf with the slightly cooler green of those gorgeous slim trousers, is sublime.

  6. I bought the Islet scarf you posted a few weeks back.
    Might be nice with a solid yarn and then an ombre for the other chevron.
    Anyone have suggestions for a black/white stripey yarn?

    For any sewers, I have bought wool-like fabric at 54″ wide with a black and white tribal pattern, frayed the edges, sewed short side seams with big armholes and make a blanket throw “jacket”.

    • dddress, I have the pattern, but went to the site to see which one you are talking about. In the second photo, I thought I would go out of my mind at the ‘stash’ the woman is standing in front of! It has to be a store. Right?

      Thank you for sharing the link. If I didn’t already have it, I would now, thanks to you. ;)

  7. Yes, yes, yes to a leftovers sweater! I’ve been thinking about knitting scraps into interesting garments for years now but have yet to cast on one of my own. I do, however, have two bins (one for worsted weight leftovers and another for fingering weight leftovers) full of yarn, just waiting for me. I’ve also been saving patterns in my Ravelry favorites for inspiration. Here’s a couple of my top picks:

    I love the idea of keeping the silhouette simple and comfy to let the scrappy yarn dance and shine.

  8. The one-armed sweater is an attention-getter but, come on … how likely
    would it be to have one arm that gets cold, the other hot? It’s just too stupid!

  9. I also love an army green, and it is my staple color. The deep army green is like “black” for warm skin tones, and it goes well with jeans and all other neutrals.

  10. Excellent round up!!
    Re: the army green Porter Bin – so excited! Will it be a permanent addition to the Porter Bin family?

  11. The No. 21 (Alessandro Dell’Acqua) collection KILLED me. I don’t keep up with the fashion shows anymore, but this collection reminded me of why I used to. It is my dream mix of wearable, referential, and theatrical/fantastical–it does that great thing that high fashion sometimes can, which is give you an overdose of glamour and beauty, reminding you of how exciting it can be to dress, while also giving you ideas about things you could actually wear in real life. It made me want to wear: a cool windowpane suit, a bright crimson dress, & a tight sporty 1950s striped sweater. The twinset is unforgettable, and the slouchy chestnut vine-patterned sweater a few slides earlier is also beautiful. Jewel-toned satin heels with contrasting bobby-socks are tougher to pull off but gorgeous to look at. Anyway, thank you Karen, for bringing this little blaze of awesomeness into my day.

  12. Would love a pattern for the ombré hoodie! Maybe it is time for me to create my own…

  13. The Sari Cardi by Jenise Reid is a great scarf+cardi pattern. She and I had a long conversation about saris on Ravelry, and I do think she’s captured the aesthetic and drape of a sari with all the wearability of a cardi. I should get around to knitting it one of these days. Of course, unlike you, Karen, I would make it in orange and fuchsia or some such eye-popping combination of colors! :)

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