First of the Best of Fall 2017: Simple shapes and sweaters

First of the Best of Fall 2017: Simple shapes and sweaters

I started to type I’ve begun to think about Fall, but honestly, when am I not thinking about Fall? What I mean is I’ve begun to think in earnest about shapes — especially what shape I want my fisherman to be, and how I want to wear it in the near term. So naturally, I took a stroll through the Fall 2017 shows, which I hadn’t had a chance to do yet, and I am in love with the Elizabeth & James collection — so many lovely intersections of proportion and knitwear to be lingered over. Like the simple red mock-neck with slightly exaggerated skirt, the incredible cardigan-coat in grey and charcoal, and the chic little waffle sweater — the coolest long johns top ever — with narrow black pants. To name just a few.

First of the Best of Fall 2017: Simple shapes and sweaters

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14 thoughts on “First of the Best of Fall 2017: Simple shapes and sweaters

  1. The collection looks so wearable. I wonder what stitch you would use to get that waffle texture?

    • I’ve been looking at assorted waffle-y stitches over the years, and my current favorite is, I think, referred to as “broken rib” — it’s the reverse side of 1×1 garter rib. It’s used in Bellows and on the side panels of my fisherman in progress.

      • Harlowe from the latest Brooklyn Tweed collection also has a waffle-y pattern. From the photos it looks like it might be right side of the broken rib stitch?

  2. I love the way the horizontal seam in the skirt pares down the volume of an otherwise comfortably loose skirt. As a short person, those kind of features never fall in the right place – one more reason to sew. Now – boots cleverly designed to wear with flip flops?

    • I know, but I love them. There was a pair a few years ago that I resisted buying and had forgotten about until seeing these. They’re deliciously, understatedly weird.

  3. I love the simple look. If only it weren’t so boring to knit! Audiobooks to the rescue, I think. I also love the cropped waffle sweater look, so I’m designing a cropped aran-style cardigan to go with some of my Sonya Philips pieces.

  4. These designs remind me of some Kim Hargreaves pullovers. She uses subtle stitch patterns like this waffle stitch with simple, elegant lines for pullovers. Her pattern “Beat” from her book Spirit has a waffle-like stitch and has a beautiful modern look.

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