To everyone who’s been asking for it …

Now in BLACK! The Fringe Porter Bin

BIG SHOP NEWS TODAY! The Porter Bin you know and love is now available in black — and it is a beauty. Also new in the shop are the latest issue of Selvedge magazine and the third volume in the Mason-Dixon Field Guide series.

And we’ve got many of your favorites back in stock:
Both issues of Making magazine (back in print!)
Lemongrass-mint Etta+Billie skin balm
Owl scissors
Japanese tapestry needles
Lykke interchangeable needle sets
– and all sizes and lengths of the Lykke fixed circulars

You can get all of the above today at Fringe Supply Co! And the black Porter Bin is also available at or in transit to these fine stores, so if one of them is your local, please check with them for instant gratification.

Have a happy and restful weekend, everyone — I’m looking forward to catching up on all the comments from while I was away …

9 thoughts on “To everyone who’s been asking for it …

  1. I didn’t ask, but I kinda expected a black Porter Bin. This is my absolute favorite knitting bag/accessory! I carry it with me everywhere. It holds a lot, and I swear I can’t live without it. A black one, needless to say, was just ordered!

  2. A Lykke question: Do you know whether the company is planning to make an interchangeable set that includes 16″ cords? I’m very tempted to invest, but I make enough hats that I think I would miss having a 16″ option in the current set….

    • The way I understand it is they’d have to make a shorter tip (shorter than the ones currently in the set) to work with an interchangeable cord to make a 16″. If I’m wrong about that, Karen will correct me. We do sell 16″ fixed circs, though, in all twenty million sizes!

  3. Always thought the Porter bin looked interesting and now in black it has to be mine! Ordered!
    Thanks for great products and an outstanding blog!

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