What I knitted on my Paris vacation

Hey friends, I’m back in the land of biscuits and gravy, eager to tell you about my trip. I spent a huge chunk of yesterday working on an epic recap but had to concede late last night that I need at least that much again to finish it up. (So many photos to comb through …) Tomorrow I have something else fun to tell you about, but I’ll definitely have the Paris handmade-wardrobe travelogue for you on Monday! Meanwhile, here’s a picture of what I knitted on my spring vacation — the beginnings of the summer cardigan plotted out here, and knitted on just the two flight days and knit night at L’Oisive Thé, There was no other time for knitting! But still pretty good progress, n’est-ce pas?

Pattern: Improv
Yarn: Balance by O-Wool

14 thoughts on “Pardonnez-moi

  1. Glad you managed to both get to Paris (I was concerned for a minute) and back! Plus you got some knitting done. Croissants or biscuits? I’m on the biscuit side.

  2. Is O-Wool only available through their website? Would love to look at it in person. Love that Emerald colorway, maybe for the Sloper knitalong.

  3. Oh! This gives me hope! I’m embarking on my first sweater, casting on this weekend, and was concerned with how long it might take me. I’m a process knitter, so as long as it takes is as long as it takes, but hoping for not ever. Thank you for all of your inspiration!

  4. I have been trying to buy some La Bien Aimee yarn with not much luck! I think it was wonderful that you were there. Hopefully the color I want will appear! Glad you had your trip, glad you’re back.

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