New Favorites: Mitten mania

New Favorites: Mitten mania

I’m heading for the frozen tundra of Northern Minnesota today for Knitting With Company — ok, highs in the mid-40s but that sounds pretty effing cold to me right now! — and the universe keeps whispering in my ear about mittens. First there was the flip-through of this Latvian mittens book on Tolt’s IG Story the other day, which is stunning. Then Clara Parkes wrote about the very appealing looking Big Book of Knitted Mittens. Oh, and when I’m done in Minnesota, I’m flying straight to Seattle for the Nordic Knitting Conference, where I’m taking a class about a knitting legend named Skaite-Maria. A mittens class! I have an exquisite pair Leigh made me last winter, that I’ll take with me just in case, but anyway here are some mitten patterns I’d love to knit:

TOP: Riva mittens (and hat) by Dianna Walla looks like a fun knit with colorwork just on around the upper hand (the sweater is Dianna’s Dalis)

MIDDLE: August Mittens by Kate Gagnon Osborn, cable-y goodness, aren’t meant to be worn in August but are the August installment of Kelbourne Woolens’ enticing Year of Mittens

BOTTOM: Wishbone Mittens by Michele Rose Orne have shaping at the wrist that creates the wishbone effect, and optional fingertip peepholes!


BY THE WAY for those of you who were wondering what I was up to with that amazing Camellia Fiber Company handspun over the summer, it was a little pattern that will appear in the second issue of Making next month (which we’ll have at Fringe Supply Co when it comes out). My Camellia Tank, as it’s called, can now be seen on Ravelry. Show it some love!


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  1. The highs today here in Minnesota will range from 70-55. The sun will shine soon, and it will be far more lovely than anything Nashville can produce. You can not knit in mittens so I hope you packed fingerless ones, and socks.

  2. The weather in places like northern Minnesota, means long sweater and wooly accessory wearing seasons. Rejoice and pack your best hand knits. From a knitter on the shores of Lake Superior.

  3. They were seeing Northern Lights in No. Michigan last month. I wonder if it is now too cold. I don’t exactly know the mechanism for them.

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