Queue Check — September 2016

Queue Check — September 2016

Since last month’s Queue Check, I’ve finished the black Linen Quill cardigan, sidelined the purple tutorial sweater until winter weather warrants its completion, and decided to scrap my Pebble cable sweater in favor of stripes! In the time between putting the cable sweater on hold and eventually deciding what to do instead, I worked on the first sleeve of my Channel Cardigan (top, in Clever Camel*), which is just absolute heaven. The yarn is heaven in the palm of your hand; the fabric is magical to watch develop; the knitting looks as if it’s already been blocked, it is so perfect and gorgeous; the stitch pattern was easily memorized long ago, so it’s easy to pick up and put down at any time. I mean, every stitch of it is paradise — to the point that I briefly considered starting over in the lighter shade of camel, but Jen talked me out of it last weekend. As much as I want to be wearing it, I could happily knit this sweater forever.

Which is part of how I came to realize I had a problem with the ivory cable sweater. Every time I got a few minutes to knit at night, I reached for the Channel. Obviously it’s incredibly hard to compete with, right?, as end-o-day knitting experiences go. But I felt like my knitalong sweater should be something I wanted badly enough that it did compete for my attention. Well, I’m happy to report that this striped Improv sweater (bottom, in Pebble) is every bit as satisfying. This yarn, in stockinette? How many is too many times to use the word paradise in one post? Watching the stripes develop is just as fun as the cables. It’s going faster because of the difference in gauge. And I am SO HOT TO WEAR IT. I cannot wait to have this one, and am definitely reaching for it over Channel, so I’m feeling very very good about that decision to start over. Even if it did put me in jeopardy of being the last panelist to finish!

As much as I’m trying to not to think beyond these two sweaters right now — since it will likely be Thanksgiving before Channel is done — I’ve had an advance look at a collection coming out very soon that makes my brain hurt it’s so good. There is one cardigan in particular that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about for weeks, since I saw a snapshot from the photoshoot. In the final images, I can see it’s not the same shape I guessed it was from that glimpse, but it will be when I make it! I’ll be able to tell you more about it soon. But if my unwavering fixation is any evidence, that would seem to be next in my queue.

*By the way, Clever Camel is back in stock and Jones and Vandermeer have renewed the discount offer. Use code FRINGE at checkout on their site for 10% off Clever Camel through October 15, 2016.


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15 thoughts on “Queue Check — September 2016

  1. I find that things jump in line to be knit and demand attention. Baby gifts, and surprise something for someone who would love it…..so my queue has things that cut in. Main love right now is a tone on tone linen stitch scarf and Grille from Brooklyn Tweed and socks (pink) and small shawl in Millefiori. The last hangs out in my purse for emergency knitting and waiting. 50% of them were inspired at Fringe Assoc.

  2. wow – love the black and white stripes – you are right to switch to that… and the camel is just lovely, can’t wait to see the finished garment there!

  3. “There is one cardigan in particular that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about for weeks, since I saw a snapshot from the photoshoot. ”

    nooooooooooooo I want to know mooooooooooooooore

    I am also trying to get my sewing projects for fall/winter on lock and I keep thinking “when will I see KT’s fall sewing wardrobe?” apparently, I can’t make anything without consulting fringe association first lol

  4. I love, love, love your website! I found it recently and have been devouring the knowledge you share. Thank you so much! I am curious about what stitch combination makes the look on each side of the decorative panel on the sleeve of the Chanel sleeve. I hope that makes sense. It makes it look like diagonal lines. Thanks!

  5. Both of these sweaters look so wearable. I have decided that life is too short to knit something you aren’t enjoying. Just move on. I also want to thank you for this Kal. It has made me aware of all the possibilities of all the different parts that make up a sweater. And it has allowed me to think outside of the box and dare to make changes on patterns, if I see a detail that I would like a different way.

  6. I love that magical pull towards the things we make! And those stripes are *so good*! I love how you’ve gone for a bolder stripe — I wasn’t sure how thin they were going to be when you started, and for some reason had assume narrow stripes, but this is really great! Debbie Harry would be proud.

  7. Maaaan does that photo make me want to go buy a sweater quantity of Clever Camel! Delicious!

    But I shall restrain myself, because (a) I already have a s.q. of another camel-colored yarn to be knit up and (b) I blew this quarter’s yarn budget when some Codex suddenly appeared at the Verdant Gryphon (it’s only rarely available, but if you ever get the chance I can’t say enough good things about that yarn — worsted weight, half silk, half BFL, singles yet it wears like iron). Sigh.

    I can’t remember, is that the Classic colorway? You know, for *future planning purposes*. ;-)

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