Make Your Own Basics: The t-shirt

Make Your Own Basics: The t-shirt

In our continuing quest for handmade basics, we’ve talked about tank top patterns and about that very specific tee that’s a category unto itself, the marinière (both knitted and sewn, for all of the above). Liesl Gibson’s Maritime Top pattern linked in the marinière post is an excellent option for any boatneck, three-quarter-sleeve tee you might want to make — navy striped or otherwise! For a trendier, more boxy tee, there’s Fancy Tiger’s Wanderlust. For a baseball-style tee there’s Named’s Geneva. But when it comes to the ultra-basic, timeless t-shirt and you want to sew your own, I don’t know of a better option than Grainline’s Lark Tee pattern — especially since the variety of neckline options (boat, V, crew, scoop) and sleeve lengths (cap, short, three-quarter, long) means you can make 16 different t-shirt styles with that one pattern! As you know, I just recently made my first t-shirt and it was a revelation. Store-bought tees are always way too long for my taste, so I’m on a mission to get good at sewing knits!

For good knitted tee patterns, see Moon Tee, Nauset Tee and Edie.


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15 thoughts on “Make Your Own Basics: The t-shirt

  1. That Geneva is as cute as can be. (When not wearing neutrals, I do like a soft pink.) I like my tees looser, though. I like the fit of the one you made. That Moon Tee is just the shape I’ve been looking for in a knitted tee. Thanks!
    P.S. Today is the last day of summer vacation, so I won’t be one of the first posters after today. Thanks for being part of my morning coffee this summer. I’ll see you on my lunch breaks from now on!

  2. these posts are rapidly becoming my favorite on FA (I mean I love the KAL posts and tutorials). thank you for taking the hard work out of searching for sewing patterns!!! to me, the hardest part is finding a good pattern that works well and is simple and of course I’m going to wear t shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts and maybe jeans one day lol

  3. I bought a Craftsy class from Marci and Katherine Tilton on making a t shirt, which came with a pattern. It isn’t as fitted as most, which I like, and has a collar (which isn’t used in the tutorial). It has given me many good tips and a lot of confidence to make more things with knits. I have long arms and love being able to make long sleeved tops that actually fit.

  4. I’ve made a couple of t-shirts using the Alabama Chanin pattern as well, which is a great way to get some hand-sewing in.

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