Meet Blue

Introducing the new BLUE Fringe Field Bag

This has been one of the harder things I’ve ever had to keep under wraps, so it’s with great joy and relief that today I get to introduce you to the new BLUE Fringe Field Bag!

When my friend and collaborator Alyssa Minadeo and I were first working on the prototypes for this bag more than 2.5 years ago, my goal was to see it in natural canvas (pure perfection), army green (RIP, we all loved you so) and a nice crystal-clear, bright blue. As much as I love all of our neutral options, I know a lot of you have been yearning for more colors, and I hope you’ll love this one as much as I do. This blue feels exactly right here at the height of summer, but will also be a welcome spot of blue-sky cheer when winter rolls around. And you know I am of the opinion that blue goes with everything! Including the rest of the Field Bag lineup.

You can get it right now at Fringe Supply Co., and it’s also in store today at these Field Bag stockists:

– CA / Oakland: A Verb for Keeping Warm
– CA / Petaluma: Knitterly
– CO / Denver: Fancy Tiger Crafts
– MA / Cambridge: Gather Here
– MN / St Paul: The Yarnery
– NC / Black Mountain: Black Mountain Yarn Shop
– NY / Brooklyn: Brooklyn General
– NY / Manhattan: Purl Soho
– OR / Corvallis: Stash Local
– PA / Philadelphia: Loop
– TN / Nashville: Haus of Yarn
– TN / Nashville: Craft South
– VT / Burlington: Nido
– VA / Alexandria: Fibre Space
– WA / Carnation: Tolt Yarn and Wool
– WI / Beaver Dam: Firefly Fibers

– AUSTRALIA: Sunspun
– CANADA: Handknit Yarn Studio
– ENGLAND: Yarn and Knitting
– FRANCE: L’Oisivethé/La Bien Aimée
– ICELAND: Litla Prjonabudin
– JAPAN: Amirisu


Have a fantastic weekend! And don’t forget to share your Field Bag photos on Instagram with hashtag #fringefieldbag, and all of your Fringe treasures with #fringesupplyco. I love seeing how things fold into your lives. (You follow @fringesupplyco, right?)


18 thoughts on “Meet Blue

  1. A blue bag is what all the hype was about? I don’t think I will ever understand blogs . . . Sorry. :(

  2. Ooohhhh, just had a look at instagram and didn’t know that there had been a yellow and tangerine. Love the new blue but that tangerine is gorgeous! Good job on keeping the secret!

  3. Ugh…you’re killing me. I have two of these…I don’t need another…but it’s BLUE!!!

  4. Love the blue! It’s lovely (and I agree with Kathy … that orange over at PurlSoho, oohlala!). I love the toffee color bag I bought, but I might need another :-D

    • Kate Davies’ lovely Buachaille in Between Weathers comes pretty close, to my eye (caveat: I’ve got the yarn right here in front of me, but obvs I’ve only seen the bag on the computer… so far)

  5. I LOVE it! What a beautiful shade of blue! Blue is one of my favorite colors. I ordered mine the very minute I saw it & I can hardly wait for it to arrive. Thank you for expanding the color selection!!! Your Field Bags rock! I love mine!!!!

  6. This is so funny. I’m at Lake Tahoe this week and I keep admiring how beautiful my toffee bag looks against the deep blue water and the sky. I think it’s the perfect complementary color. Hmmmm……

  7. Love this blue bag!! I kept hoping there’s going to be a navy blue one, but this is so much better!! Very pretty! Pity though I couldn’t wait long enough last month and had just gotten my bright yellow field bag from LaBien Aimee… <3 these Field Bags!

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