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Happy Friday, friends!

Yes to pompoms on doorknobs, can we just agree on that right up front?

– I’m so excited about Summer Stitch Fest!

Great story and reminder of what an amazing time it is to be a maker

– How much do you know about where cotton comes from?

– “Sustainable agriculture is about more than food. It is a system approach and our clothing is part of that system. Please give us an opportunity to provide locally grown clothes!

– On ethical manufacturing … in China

– Good life lessons: What I’m really learning from my sewing project

– This notebook

This tiny story

This tiny fashion muse (and yes I want to scale that top pattern up to my size)

– And who but @loritimesfive would go traveling around Iceland with their own handmade fairy lights? (details on them here, and don’t miss the full range of Iceland pics in Lori’s feed right now)

QUICK SHOP NOTES: If you were looking for a grey Field Bag and found them sold out, they’re baaaack! AND the magical Etta+Billie balm is now available in Lemongrass Mint! It’s a dream.

Have a marvelous weekend, everyone —



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5 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. Karen, first of all, thank you. Thank you for your presence and inspiration in the creative/making world. I don’t know how I came upon your blog, Yarnoverme, a few years ago, but I am so glad I did. (Not that I wouldn’t have found you these days, as you have become such a HUGE presence in this wonderful community!) Your blog is the first thing I check out every morning, whether I am on vacation or have to wait for my break at work. I feel it every day, but when you have these Friday Elsewhere posts, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for you and your inspiration. As I sit here with my morning coffee and the tv telling me about the sadness in France, I don’t feel like this is an escape, but rather a guidepost to the direction the world SHOULD be going. The creative community shines a light on what the global community should be doing. It’s about connection to earth and sustaining it, connection and collaboration to each other, and supporting and inspiring each other. So, thank you for your amazing contribution.

    Second, I’m totally going to make pom poms for my (high school) classroom this year!
    Third, how amazing is that crocheted bedspread? And SUCH a perfect match to that headboard!
    Last – have a wonderful, love and creativity filled weekend! <3

  2. Ah! Wonderful links to wander through! And you know, I will say “yes!” to pom poms on door knobs. I have the yarn and I have those great pom pom makers. Why not? Today, even.

  3. Oh I just love the little pom pom thing on the door! I am going to make one (or two or three) for my daughter’s new house!. She’ll love them!

  4. I faintly remember making pompoms using cardboard circles as a child… been wanting to see if can still make them since I got into knitting again last year – I think this just put me over the edge!

  5. That’s it, my poor husband is coming home from his military training to pom pom garlands on all the doors.

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