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Hey, tomorrow is Worldwide Knit in Public Day. And it’s also the start of Crochet Summer. Are you planning on either?

Breaking it all down for you this time around—


– The story of Fancy Tiger’s incredible 100% Colorado-made yarn, part 1, 2 and 3 — and my enormous congratulations to them on their 10th anniversary! Wish I could be there tomorrow …

Why make yarn in the US at all?

Tips on knitting with linen yarn and on improving your knitting generally

How to define your personal style in 5 simple steps


Vintage hap stretching photos (and how to make your own)

Major sweater inspiration

Stunning old crocheted lace

Best handmade prom dress in history

When an FO causes me to give a pattern a second look

And absolutely everything about this

In shop news, we’re retiring the Sheepmoji tote to make room for what’s next, and there aren’t many left on the shelf. If you’ve been wanting one (or another one!), act now!

Have a terrific weekend, everyone — thank you for reading!



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  1. Every day is KIP day. And I will definitely be crocheting this summer. For starters, I have to make a mermaid cocoon blanket for a 6 year old’s birthday. I’m planning to use the rosewood hooks I bought from Fringe, they’re gorgeous.

  2. GREAT links, as usual. That Micaela sweater reminds me of the Nice Time Sweater from WATG. That prom couple is AWESOME. The dress is amazing, and his SHOES are the BEST! I want a pair. Have a great weekend, Karen!

  3. I’m thinking about doing a low key knitting in public action by myself. I might just park myself on a bench and knit a few rows as a kind of performative moment. Generally, knitting in public is just something that I do without thinking about it. As for crocheting, I’ve got 99 beer cozies to make for an art project, so that will be my participation in crochet summer. If anyone wants to crochet a cozy or two and get credit at the exhibit, feel free to send an email to shake.n.makecollectiveATgmail.com.

  4. There is always a big event in the Albuquerque area, at Anasazi Fields Winery. The area is shady, but it’s going to be 100 degrees tomorrow, and depending on how the wind is blowing, there might be smoke from a forest fire, so I am going to pass this year. I knit in public twice a week anyway–but in air-conditioned places.

  5. There is a KIP day event in Holland MI at Centennial Park that I’ll be attending, hosted by our local shop Garenhuis. https://www.instagram.com/p/BGUZVFYDy2t/
    But everyday is a knit in public day for me.

    Also, I wanted to comment that a couple posts back you have some classic sweaters from Julie Hoover that would be good for beginners. They are beautiful sweaters and as a very not-beginner knitter I still had a question while working on Martine. So it might be more of an advanced beginner rather than a first sweater for someone. Or maybe a first if they have someone to ask for help. Not meant as a snarky comment, just want to be helpful to those that want to knit it.

    • Hi, Martha. There’s always the chance of questions! Beginner or otherwise. And the pattern designers are generally/always available to answer them. I hope you got in touch with Julie and got the answer you needed!

      • Because I am an experienced knitter I was able to figure it out on my own :) , but Julie did verify that my process was what she intended.

  6. Your elsewhere links are always enjoyed–LOVE that Micaela Greg sweater! Have been wanting to knit something like that, however, I have found that I do not love knitting with cotton. Do you think something like O Wool Balance would work for fisherman’s rib?

    • Fisherman’s rib looks great in everything! Balance wouldn’t imitate the cotton perfectly but it would be fantastic. I think it’s the right gauge though for the look. It would just be… a wee bit less yacht party and more beach bonfire. :) Karen, agree or no?

      Aaaand now I’m off to totally copy your idea….

      • :) Thanks Christen, I think the more rustic bonfire look would be definitely what I’m after vs. the yacht party.

  7. That Lena tee! Wow. Very tempted to buy some of that Lang Yarns Seta Tweed, since I don’t dig knitting with linen.

  8. My knitting guild is meeting tomorrow on the City Deck along the Fox River in the center of Green Bay to show passersby that cool people knit, not just old ladies–although most of us are grandmothers but we sure don’t look like it and we definitely don’t act like it.

  9. Hi Karen, ‘conflict and costume’ is actually a book about the Herero tribe of Namibia. You can google the title to see more images (or buy the book. I just did).

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